Your Next Step To Make 2023

Your Greatest Year Yet

A FREE, Live 5-Day Online Business Bootcamp

for coaches, educators & online-business owners

Monday 9 January - Friday 13 January 2023

“I’d started my own online business …but it was a rocky start


Even though I had a professional education, an MBA and was a successful CEO of other people’s businesses… I spent 18 months overthinking my own business ideas and what I could possibly sell.

I lost time and money just thinking and not doing (or at least not doing anything that was going to bring in money).

Then one day…

I got so frustrated with myself… I finally started doing the right things.

So I made an important decision…

I knew I wanted an online business.
Because I prioritised lifestyle first, business second.
But I still wanted a REAL business with REAL impact and REAL profits.

My first steps in online business were messy…

I was doing marketing, but it was like throwing spaghetti at a wall!
I did a lot of “marketing” but little sales.
I was trying to figure it out on my own.


1 year later...

I had made six figures ($100K)
I was able to work whenever and wherever - and live in two countries.
I was able to take care of my health.
I had the freedom of lifestyle I desired.

9 years, and 12 million later….

I’ve well and truly cracked how to grow and scale an online business.
I have a great team and clients.
I have created a 2nd business.
I can take months off if I want to (or need to!)

And I’ve learned that if I can do it, you can do it

Because I’ve helped thousands of clients do the same.


Join my 5-Day Online Business Bootcamp, and

Discover what it’s really like to work with me in my programs… for free.

Get practical results for yourself in just 5 days…this is not a ‘sit-and-listen webinar’!

In this bootcamp I will show you the shifts I made… that took me
from a novice to seriously growing and scaling my business.

“You’ll make more progress in your business in these 5 days than most people make in a year!”

Now… What About YOU!

Why are you here?

Perhaps you...

  • Signed up for my 12 Days of Masterclasses and want to learn more.
  • Are curious about how to GROW your online business.
  • Are thinking of joining SOMBA Kickstart to accelerate your growth with more support than you get from a do-it-yourself course.

And you’d love to see and interact with me, live, in action.

You are someone who…

  • Is a self employed service-based business owner… and you want to reach more people through online courses and programs.
  • Desires to mentor, teach, train, consult or coach others and help them solve their problems and reach their dreams.

But perhaps you…

  • Don’t have any clients yet?
  • Have a few clients but want more?
  • Have enough 1-1 clients and now want to scale?
  • Want to create an online course?
  • Want to learn how to launch?

[NOTE: This training is NOT for you if you are a direct seller, network marketer, MLM, product based business or just want to get rich quickly.]

Whatever your desires for 2023, I want to inspire you to:

  • Finally start your online business
  • Create your first or next online course
  • Learn how to launch your own online programs
  • Achieve six figures or more in your online business
  • Do all of the above and more

Join my live, 5-Day Online Business Bootcamp and you'll DISCOVER THE NEXT STEP to make 2023 Your Greatest Year Yet!

This live, 5 Day Online Business Bootcamp will help you:

1. Find clarity

You'll get ah-ha's and breakthroughs galore... instead of carrying over any overwhelm and confusion into 2023.

2. Take action

This is a practical, live, interactive workshop - you don’t need to fill your brain with more information if you want to create results in your business.

3. Get the opportunity to join SOMBA Kickstart

These 5-Days will help prepare you for our flagship program - THE perfect next step after the free bootcamp for anyone who wants to GROW their online business in 2023.

And even more... I will show you how I:

Attract my ideal fans

with an eager-to-buy email list and magnetic online presence

Grow my sales

with online programs that leverage my income and frees up time

Expand my impact

with strategies that scale my reach and revenue

Whether you are already making 6 figures a year… are a novice to online marketing… or have a dream to finally start selling your services online in 2023. This bootcamp is for you.

How The Bootcamp Works

  • There are five implementation workshops that build on each other.
  • Every workshop is followed with a breakout mastermind session .
  • All sessions are recorded and you’ll gain access to them for a limited time inside a private Facebook group. 

Here’s what you’ll take bold action on during the Bootcamp…

My favourite practical exercise to get clear on your business vision so that you can immediately move forward… without wasting another second of your precious time.

How to eradicate all doubts about what you should be selling… and decide on your offer (that people actually want to buy).

Your exact next steps of how to build and grow a loyal audience… of not just followers but actual buyers and top clients.

Workshop-style exercises to craft unique content your audience loves… without overthinking or constantly second guessing yourself.

The inspiration and loving kick in the butt you need to stop procrastinating and making excuses… and take bold, inspired action instead.

How to overcome your limiting beliefs and develop a strong success mindset that supports your actions… and keeps you going even when challenges come up.

How to overcome your limiting beliefs and develop a strong success mindset that supports your actions… and keeps you going even when challenges come up.

Quote / Testimony from last years bootcamp

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Hi, I’m Sigrun…

the online mentor & entrepreneur from Iceland!

I’m an award winning business coach, bestselling author, international speaker and host of the Sigrun Show podcast.

I’ve been called the leading business mentor for online entrepreneurs in Europe.

I am on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship and help women start and scale their online businesses to 7 figures.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, Time and numerous leading media publications in Europe.

I am in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® Hall of Fame which is the most prestigious entrepreneur network in the world. In 2021 I won 5 Stevie Awards; as the Hero of the year, Entrepreneur of the year, Solo entrepreneur of the year, Manager of the year, and Sales Achievement of the year.

I am married, have two stepsons, and split my time between Reykjavik, Iceland and Zurich, Switzerland.

"I use the strategies I learned in this webinar daily. It's safe to say this experience changed my life."

Bre Watkins

"At first I was skeptical, but during the live practice session, I felt everything shift. Thank you Sigrun, for helping me find myself again."

Parker Scott

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