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“ Sigrun’s coaching has given me the confidence to raise my prices, and I’m more motivated than ever to grow my online business, to achieve more and reach more people. In one of my launches, I ended up making as much money in 24 hours as my husband makes in one year. Bringing my business from offline to online made my annual revenue grow by €150K. Overall, I made €200K in my first year in online business. Investing in Sigrun’s program was the best business decision I ever took. ”

- Claudia Witticke

“ I started my business in 2018 selling handmade handbags and backpacks. I was working from home, looking after my first child and making $8000/year in sales. As my brand was growing, I lost the joy of sewing and missed having a community to talk about my passion with. I was really looking for an opportunity to change this. After my second child was born, I decided to invest in myself and join Sigrun and her community of like-minded females. After my first launch I made $21,000 and as of 2023, I'm making over $230k selling my online courses. Now I can work from wherever I wish, look after my 3 children and only work 25 hrs a week. My decision to invest in myself changed my life. ”

- Bára Mikulášková

“ I'm a pianist and online piano course creator. Before I joined Sigrun’s programme, my approach to marketing and launching was sporadic and ineffective. I did everything on my own, as a young mother without any assistance. In my first few months of joining Sigrun, I made over 1 million Czech Crowns, which is around $50,000. So in Czech Crowns that was my first seven-figure achievement within months! Since joining, I now have a plan for my business in advance with clear strategies, dates, and tasks. The shift has been from me alone behind a computer, to a well-structured and supported business. The great part for me too is there's still room for me to be creative, which I love. “

- Eva Lorenc

“ I am a pharmacist by trade. I found myself gravitating towards natural remedies and medicinal plants and really wanted to explore that area of business and figure out if I could turn my passion into profits. When I found out about Sigrun’s program, It was perfect timing and I had a light-bulb moment where I realised this could really work. Now I have an academy for medicinal plants and I certify medicinal plant experts through my online programs. I have a thriving online business supported by Momentum and RED CIRCLE and I am now making six figures, annually! “

- Karolína Romášková

Heidi Krenn is a jazz singer who teaches singing online to an international audience. In her first year in online business, as a member of Momentum, Heidi got 2000 leads and had a $20K launch - and that was her second launch ever! Heidi is proof that a profitable 6-figure online business is possible in Momentum.

- Heidi Krenn

Judith Peters, a copywriter and mother of three, initially embraced freelancing in 2009 for the freedom it offered. However, as her family grew, the challenges of freelancing multiplied. In 2017, she made a pivotal decision: to break free from trading hours for dollars, seeking a more lucrative yet less time-consuming path. Joining SOMBA, she set out on her journey to establish a thriving online business. Her success was such that she could even bring her husband on board. With Momentum, Judith achieved a remarkable 30,000 Euro launch, a milestone she had never envisioned before.

- Judith Peters

Maria Busqué empowers musicians to enhance their self-worth, artistic expression, and conquer stage fright. Her journey took a significant turn upon joining Momentum, as she transformed her passion into a thriving online enterprise. In her initial months within the program, Maria doubled her revenue, achieved successful price increases, and expanded her launches. Momentum played a pivotal role in driving Maria toward her six-figure business goal!

- Maria Busqué

Nicole When is a marketing expert and founder of her own marketing agency. When she joined Momentum, she immediately created her first online course during the 10-week Kickstart sprint. Her email list and online presence grew, and when she made an upsell after her course had finished, she made the money she invested into Momentum back - after only three months in the program! Nicole’s revenue has tripled during the program, and she hit the six-figure mark by the end of that year.

- nicole wehn

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