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We use the same link for each of the 5 workshops...

Day 1 - Monday 10th Jan

3-6pm CET

Day 2 - Tuesday 11th

3-6pm CET

Day 3 - Wednesday 12th

3-6pm CET

Day 4 - Thursday 13th

3-6pm CET

Day 5 - Friday 14th

3-6pm CET

All times are in Central Eastern Time (Zurich) – 3pm CET is 2pm GMT (London), 9am Eastern (New York)

VIP Coaching Call & Recordings

Thursday 13th January – 7.00 – 8.30pm CET

A VIP’s only coaching session takes place on Thursday to go deeper on the training and get help solving your biggest business challenge. If you have upgraded we’ll send your link on Thursday morning, otherwise you can upgrade here:

Your VIP recordings will be uploaded into the course website once they are available (you have 12 months access)