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CEO Turned EntrepreneuR

Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship. She is the leading business mentor for female online entrepreneurs, TEDx speaker, and host of the Sigrun Show podcast. Originally from Reykjavik, Iceland, she has spent more than half her life outside her home country; in Germany, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Since she was a young girl she’s always been drawn to leadership roles, so despite having zero business background nor the education she made a life-changing phone call and applied to become the CEO of a software company shortly after finishing her master’s degree in architecture – and she got the job!

Ten years, another three master’s degrees, and several CEO roles later, Sigrun found herself in Switzerland with her newfound love. In 2014, Sigrun started her online business and within a few years she built a multiple 7 figure business helping to transform self-doubting high-achieving women into thriving entrepreneurs.

Sigrun's motto: Be Inspired. Think Big. Take Action.
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