Lifestyle Business Academy

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Community and courses for passionate entrepreneurs ready to take action.

  • Take your business to six figures and beyond
  • Learn about all the tools you need in business
  • Discuss with other passionate entrepreneurs
  • Learn about strategies to start, build and scale your business
  • Work on your money mindset so you can earn more than ever before

Lifestyle Business Academy
is your one stop shop to build a lifestyle business using the mindset, tools and technics of an online entrepreneur.
It's a community and courses - all in one.
This is where you learn to start, build, and scale your business and get support from me over weekly office hours and monthly calls.

Sigrun Signature | SIGRUN

Sigrun has built and curated a full suite of tools and courses to get you where you need to go. She is literally a "one stop shop" for the new entrepreneur.

Jennifer Langkjaer
Jennifer Langkjaer

Sigrun is professional, bright, smart, direct, honest, experienced and knowledgeable in so many areas. She propels you forward to take action and get things done. She is also patient, kind and generous in sharing her time and knowledge.

Karen Kurzmayer
Karen Kurzmayer

You get immediate access to all these webinars and videos:

You also get immediate access to these workshops & courses:

With Lifestyle Business Academy One-Year Access will allow you to make a real change in your business.

  • Monthly Q&A and group coaching call with Sigrun on Zoom (value $1200)
  • Weekly office hours in the group to ask questions and get answers (value $600)
  • Private Facebook group only for academy members (priceless!)
  • Access to all past recorded webinars, over 80 webinars (value $1500)
  • Access to the annual workshop Your Best Year Yet (value $47)
  • Access to the courses Master MailChimp & Master Facebook (value $314)
  • Monthly challenges to help you take action in your business (value $1000)
  • Bi-weekly fresh webinars on relevant topics chosen by YOU! (value $900)

Sigrun is sharp and clear to help you align your vision with your goals, and at the same time she listens to your inner voice, respects and helps you project your truth. And she will give you the tools you need to make things happen. The program has a great mix of being a safe place where to open up your deepest doubts, learn from others, from yourself, get a good kick in the butt to help you find the right path and get things done.

Alicia Velazquez
Alicia Velazquez Alicia Velazquez - Switzerland

Sigrun is an amazing mentor with a wealth of information. She has a passion for her work which helps motivate others with their business. She is meticulous about all the steps needed to launch and goes above and beyond.

Heba Shaheed
Heba Shaheed The Pelvic Expert - Australia

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