February 27, 2018
Top Social Media Marketing World With a Mastermind Day
We are heading out to Southern California where you will have the chance to meet the crème-de-la-crème of the Social Media Marketing Space at SMMW.  

This is the ultimate chance to "top it off" with a Mastermind Day, where like-minded entrepreneurs like you will share their experiences and work with you on a HOT SEAT to bring YOUR business to the next level.  

After rounding up your plan in this intense day, we'll go and mingle with the likes of Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Zach Spuckler, Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith and who knows who else will show up at the bar that evening after our Mastermind Day.
All the Details:
Spend an evening and a full day with me and fellow entrepreneurs before the event where we will map out your next steps so you can reach your goals in 2018. Business breakthroughs are included.

Spots are limited to 8 participants only.

February 26th, 5pm-10pm: Cocktail followed by dinner
February 27th, 9am - 5pm: Mastermind Day
February 27th, 5pm - 10pm: Get-together followed by dinner

Cocktail the evening before the Mastermind Day  
Dinner the evening before the Mastermind Day
Mastermind Day including lunch and refreshments
Get-together after the Mastermind Day
Dinner after the Mastermind Day
Private Facebook Group for logistics and shares

Team Red is already famous at SMMW and now is your chance to join #teamred - make sure you bring red dresses for all evenings to join the team.

Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego 1 Market Place San Diego, CA 92101 United States of America This is our Mastermind Day venue but Marriott is the preferred hotel during SMMW and that's where we'll stay.

I'm assuming you are also going to Social Media Marketing World 2018.
Team Red is already famous and images of us are used by Social Media Examiner that runs Social Media Marketing World. To make sure we get noticed again this year I'm of course wearing red every day and I suggest you wear red too, at least during all evening events, and use #teamred for your images. During the Mastermind Day we'll also use the hashtag #sigrunmastermind 

During the conference everyone attends whatever seminars they want to but we'll aim to meet at the bar in Marriott in the evenings to celebrate Team Red. 

All further logistics will be discussed in our private Facebook Group. 

Reserve your spot right now, we have more interest than spots. 

See you in San Diego!
Mastermind Day San Diego 2018
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