Mastermind Days

A day where you meet like-minded entrepreneurs and create magic together.

A day where you get an answer to your most pressing business questions.

A day where you feel like a weight falls off your chest because you have the answer.

A day where you make a commitment to yourself and to the group to succeed.

A day where you create new business friendships - for a while or even for life.

A day that is the start of Your Best Year Yet.
Your Best Year Yet
As entrepreneurs we need surround ourselves with other entrepreneurs who understand us and lift us higher, we also need a different atmosphere to create business breakthroughs in order to grow our businesses. Join me and like-minded entrepreneurs for a Mastermind Day in a location of your choice in Europe or the US. I'm looking forward to help you plan Your Best Year Yet.
Upcoming Mastermind Days
Mastermind Day San Diego 2018 
February 27, 2018
Social Media Marketing World
Sigrun created a transformative experience. The Mastermind Day gave me a huge boost in my business. I am able to hold a much bigger vision now, got actionable feedback and feel supported by a group of likeminded entrepreneurs. A full day to focus on me and my business is a precious treat and Sigrun's professionalism and guidance worth a fortune.

Silke Zanker

I was a bit scared, because I don't use my English in my business but I learned so many things, for my business and for myself. The help and the support from Sigrun and the group was great. I saw through the Mastermind Day how I can realise my dreams!

Michèle Stocco-Dolder

This Mastermind Day was one of my best experiences in my 10 years self employed business. From A to Z we got a full care of our items and goals. Each of us must take responsibility and action for its self. And that's good, because that's business too! As I know Sigrun; we got the full service event this time. I very appreciated the preparation exercises, the very important base for an excellent live Mastermind Day. On the day itself Sigrun created an ambience that allowed us to go in touch with each other and give a huge support in the group too. 3 other professional people where there for us too: A makeup stylist, a fotographer and a housekeeper for drinks and food. Some new friendships can be created and one was for sure: I went out in the evening and I realized, that I will reach what I will get! IT IS possible! The facebook group, our exchange in the meanwhile and the final hangout call 1 month after the live day ensures that we stay tuned... 😉 We committed our goals. And we will earn the power of this commitment. If you feel attracted from Sigruns way of mentoring, please do not hesitate. Go for it, you will not regret it."

Chantal Perrinjaquet

What's Included
When you sign up you'll receive preparation assignments so that you get the most out our day together. You'll receive access to the Your Best Year Yet workshop including slides and budget template.
Mastermind Day
We start the day with introductions and exercises that will bring you into the right mindset of making the next 12 months your best year before we start the true mastermind.

The mastermind sessions consist of one person being on the "hot seat" at a time sharing their business challenges and goals for the next 12 months and the group masterminding the best solution together including a laser-focused coaching from me.

By the end of the day you'll feel clarity on what to do next in your business and how you can achieve your goals and create a true breakthrough in your business.
Makeup & Photoshoot (only in Mastermind Days + Makeover - Zurich)
During the Mastermind Day + MakeOver you'll receive a makeup makeover and portraiture shots by my favourite professionals. Within 14 days you'll receive five professional photographs.
Facebook Group
You'll be invited to join a private mastermind group where I'm going to follow up with your progress for 14 days after the mastermind day.
Mastermind Day + Makeover
  •  Makeup makeover and photoshoot
  •  Preparation Assignments
  •  Mastermind Day with Sigrun
  •  Light lunch, drinks and snacks
  •  Private Facebook group
  •  6-8 people
  •  Only available in Zurich
Upcoming Mastermind Days
Mastermind Day San Diego 2018 
February 27, 2018
Social Media Marketing World
The Mastermind Day was very well organised. Sigrun kept excellent control over time, enabling each of us to talk in depth about our businesses, answer specific questions, focus on our aims and hone in on details and action plans. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the group better and have the whole day to share, work and have n inspiring makeover. The atmosphere was great, Sigrun is a very welcoming host, we worked hard but in a completely relaxed, informal setting.

Karen Kurzmeyer

This was the first time I took part in a Mastermind day, so I didn't know what to expect or had another one to comparte to. Anyway, I am so glad I went, Sigrun is very professional and giving. We all had a great day, and I think it is so important to meet other businesswomen just to excange experience and motivate one another. I encourage everyone to join a mastermind - and Sigrun's is a very good choice.

Annika E. Pellegrini

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