Your Best Year Yet
Create Your Best Year Yet!
It’s never time, money or skills that stop you from achieving your dreams.

It’s your excuses.

It’s the stories you tell yourself.

Now is your chance to create a new story.
Your Best Year Yet Mastermind is a 12-month program designed to truly transform your business.
Why do entrepreneurs like you join a mastermind?
  • To quit over-thinking and procrastinating and finally execute your ideas.
  •  To stop overwhelm from endless to-do-lists and achieve your goals.
  • To get accountability and follow through instead of being hung up on details.
  • To not feel alone in your business and be around people who truly understand you.
  • To make more money and have a consistent monthly or annual income instead of financial struggles.
  • To achieve more by being more productive instead of having the feeling never finishing anything.
If any of these reasons ring true for you, then the YBYY Mastermind is for you.

Over a period of 12 months you’ll work on every angle of your business so that you make more sales and turn your passion into a (more) profitable business, a true lifestyle business.

Right from the start you’ll experience (based on feedback from other masterminders):
  • Amazing support, very individual, honest, supportive and caring
  • Great interaction with other members in the Facebook group and on the calls
  • Clear structure of the program with Your Best Year Yet frame work
  • Easy implementable online marketing principles and business advice
  • Accountability to execute your ideas and get out of your own way

The Mastermind Group will allow you to feel you're not alone on your entrepreneurial journey.

The Mastermind Group will give you the encouragement, the accountability and as well the resources for you to keep moving forward. It’s a great way to remain fired up, to remain focused and to feel that you’re supported and that you’re in the company of a mentor who knows what she’s talking about and who is very generous with her heart and with her wisdom and with her learning. And is very versatile as well in supporting us on our journey. The Mastermind Group will allow you to feel that you’re not alone on your entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll feel energized because you’ll move from thinking too much to actually taking action which is the whole point. You’re growing faster than doing it on your own.
~Cherine Kurdi
Your Best Year Yet Mastermind is a #noexcuses mastermind.
This is the place for you drop the excuses.

This is the place where you’ll craft a new story
for your life and business.

What is the story you want to share 12 months from now?

A Mastermind Group is really like a business family.

It feels like a family. It’s a very comfortable feeling to know I can ask any questions, it’s in a safe spot, it’s not that anybody judges you. Instead they want to grow, they want you to grow. I can be there 24/7. Somebody’s around anytime. That’s something I really appreciate because I’m not very patient.

We’re just supportive. In the mastermind group, we have such a lot of knowledge from everyone plus you as the person who’s guiding us through is amazing. What I deeply appreciate is how open you are with how you got where you are at now. You don’t let us make the mistakes that you know we don’t have to make because you’ve done them for us. A Mastermind Group is really like a business family.
~ Angela Heck

I'm signing up for the next Mastermind Group!

I really enjoyed being part of the Mastermind program. I know that it’s really good to have accountability and people to sound things off so it’s been really useful. I’ve learned a huge amount, an incredible amount. I’ve had things to try out and to test and it’s been a lot of fun. I always feel really energized when I come out of the call.

I’m really impressed by you, Sigrun. You always have great ideas. I like your directness and to the point advice. I’ve been really amazed by everything you’ve offered. You really do over-deliver. I’m signing up for the next mastermind group. That’s how worth it I think it is.
~Selina Man Karlsson
Mastermind Group Programs
There are three exciting groups to chose from, all running 12 months:

Momentum (18 participants)
Accelerator (12 participants)
VIP with 1-1 (8 participants)
Momentum Group
Your business is in startup or transition mode and you are ready to create momentum in your business. You are a beginner when it comes to online marketing, online courses and launching.

You want to be around like-minded people that hold you accountable and keep you focused on your goals. You want to build a good and profitable foundation for your online business.
Accelerator Group
Your business is in growth mode and you are ready to accelerate and scale your business. You know already a lot about online marketing but you've not made six figures in your online business yet.

You want regular interactions and answers to specific questions that you have in your business so that you can take rapid action. Your goal is to make six figures or more in your online business.
VIP Group
Your business is making six figures and you are ready to grow and scale your business. You are advanced when it comes to online business, you have an online course and you've done launches.

You want to be around more advanced business owners and also get 1-1 attention for yourself and your business so that you can truly take off. You are aiming for a multiple six-figure income.
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