Your Best Year Yet


It’s never time, money or skills that stop you from achieving your dreams.

It’s your excuses.

It’s the stories you tell yourself.

Now is your chance to create a new story.

Create Your Best Year Yet!

Your Best Year Yet Mastermind is a 12-month program designed to truly transform your business.

Why do entrepreneurs like you join a mastermind?

  • To quit over-thinking and procrastinating and finally execute your ideas.
  • To stop overwhelm from endless to-do-lists and achieve your goals.
  • To get accountability and follow through instead of being hung up on details.
  • To not feel alone in your business and be around people who truly understand you.
  • To make more money and have a consistent monthly or annual income instead of financial struggles.
  • To achieve more by being more productive instead of having the feeling never finishing anything.


If any of these reasons ring true for you, then the YBYY Mastermind is for you.

Over a period of 12 months you’ll  work on every angle of your business so that you make more sales and turn your passion into a (more) profitable business, a true lifestyle business.

Right from the start you’ll experience (based on feedback from other masterminders):

  • Amazing support, very individual, honest, supportive and caring
  • Great interaction with other members in the Facebook group and on the calls
  • Clear structure of the program with Your Best Year Yet frame work
  • Easy implementable online marketing principles and business advice
  • Accountability to execute your ideas and get out of your own way

I really enjoyed being part of the Mastermind program. I know that it’s really good to have accountability and people to sound things off so it’s been really useful. I’ve learned a huge amount, an incredible amount. I’ve had things to try out and to test and it’s been a lot of fun. I always feel really energized when I come out of the call.

I’m really impressed by you, Sigrun. You always have great ideas. I like your directness and to the point advice. I’ve been really amazed by everything you’ve offered. You really do over-deliver. I’m signing up for the next mastermind group. That’s how worth it I think it is.

Selina Man Karlsson
Selina Man Karlsson Curious Courses

It feels like a family. It’s a very comfortable feeling to know I can ask any questions, it’s in a safe spot, it’s not that anybody judges you. Instead they want to grow, they want you to grow. I can be there 24/7. Somebody’s around anytime. That’s something I really appreciate because I’m not very patient.

We’re just supportive. In the mastermind group, we have such a lot of knowledge from everyone plus you as the person who’s guiding us through is amazing. What I deeply appreciate is how open you are with how you got where you are at now. You don’t let us make the mistakes that you know we don’t have to make because you’ve done them for us. A Mastermind Group is really like a business family.

Angela Heck
Angela Heck AMH Coaching

The Mastermind Group will give you the encouragement, the accountability and as well the resources for you to keep moving forward. It’s a great way to remain fired up, to remain focused and to feel that you’re supported and that you’re in the company of a mentor who knows what she’s talking about and who is very generous with her heart and with her wisdom and with her learning. And is very versatile as well in supporting us on our journey. The Mastermind Group will allow you to feel that you’re not alone on your entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll feel energized because you’ll move from thinking too much to actually taking action which is the whole point. You’re growing faster than doing it on your own.

Cherine Kurdi
Cherine Kurdi Cherine Kurdi

If I wouldn’t have worked with you and if I wouldn’t have entered the Mastermind Group, I would never have been where I am today. And daring to put the focus … on myself and what I want to bring to the world and what really is my passion.

What I totally love is you can feel the energy of the whole group… you have feedback from all over. You have your ups and downs and they have their ups and downs and so you’re not alone on your journey. They’re like a family, you could almost say, and I truly love that about a mastermind group.

Marian Nielsen Joos
Marian Nielsen Joos Marian Nielsen Joos

Overnight success doesn’t just happen.

Step by step you start, build, grow and scale your business.

12 months is enough time to achieve a
true milestone in your business.

Here are some examples of what Masterminders
have achieved during or after similar programs:

~ Had a first $50K launch

~ Launched a number. 1 podcast

~ Become an international speaker

~ Sold a business and started a new one

~ Created and launched a membership site

~ Revamped a business and launched a new website

~ Started a high-end mastermind and sold out a retreat

What would you like to achieve in 12 months?

See what current Masterminders have to say!

Your Best Year Yet Mastermind is a #noexcuses mastermind.

This is the place for you drop the excuses.

This is the place where you’ll craft a new story
for your life and business.

What is the story you want to share 12 months from now?

It’s been a really great experience. I’m very happy with the group. I think one of the best things is to get to know all the other women in the group and they’re so inspiring, it’s really incredible. They always push you to do better, they’re always there to help you if you have questions or if you have doubts. I’m really happy.

I really love your feedback, Sigrun. You’re really good - responsive, answering questions and also keeping us on our toes. Like checking our websites and Facebook pages to make sure everything is tiptop. I really appreciate that because you always need fresh eyes and you have so much experience, it’s really valuable to get your feedback.

The Mastermind group is definitely worth it...It’s really really good and it’s so helpful to be in a group with other women who are going through the same things. They can understand when you have setbacks and they can also help you celebrate when you have successes... It’s really valuable to be a part of a group like this. I definitely recommend it.

Sif Traustadóttir Rossi
Sif Traustadóttir Rossi Sif The Vet

I did things I never thought I’m capable of. I really had huge successes. And somehow - it might sound strange - but since I’m part of the mastermind, everything seems so easy. Before the mastermind, I was trying for a really long time to launch a group coaching program and I never had anybody sign up and since I’m part of your mastermind, it seems so easy. I have launched three groups already! It seems there’s no problem suddenly. This is the best experience I had.

The people in the mastermind group - seeing all the successes of the other people of course motivated me and inspired me.

If you have a goal, if you want to reach - make the next step in your business and you are looking for somebody and a group that support you then Sigrun’s mastermind is definitely for you.

Stefanie Kneisz
Stefanie Kneisz Stefanie Kneisz

The Mastermind Group is a great way to get to know other entrepreneurs and share. It brings a wider pool of knowledge resources and ideas actually. It’s great if you’re looking for support, that sense of group support that’s around 24/7 because it really is a 24/7 group on Facebook. And if you’re looking to just keep going and developing and get ideas from other people… A lot of the time, online entrepreneurship is very isolating, so (the group) provides that community.

Out of all the programs I’ve done...our work together has brought me the greatest traction of any of those and the greatest peace as well. And the greatest sense that I deserve it and that I’m doing things right and that I’m not inadequate.

Rachel Yates
Rachel Yates The EXPAT Lifeline

I was looking for a Mastermind group so i asked around and a lot of people said “let’s make a mastermind together” but I really wanted to be in a group where someone had the lead.

I wanted someone who could catch me if I fall and who would follow me so I wouldn’t be all alone. I needed an extra pair of experienced eyes. It’s going above expected.

The reason I wanted to be in your Mastermind group was because you’re European and trekking all over the world and you work an international group of women. You have this nice and radiant personality and I thought “I want to have what she has.” That’s why I signed up.

I’m not the easiest to be coached. I think it’s hard to coach me. I knew I needed someone who was way further down the path than I was.

The Mastermind group is a lot of love. It is a gift to yourself. Someone’s holding your hand and tells you “okay now sit down, look at what you’ve done until now.” It’s both looking at where you’ve gone until now and laying out a plan. I know what i’m going to do next month. I’ve never done this before. You lay down a structure for you business and for your own life.

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Esther de Charon de Saint Germain Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

What is a Mastermind Group?

According to Wikipedia mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. The concept was coined in 1925 by author Napoleon Hill in his book The Law of Success and described in more detail in his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich. If you haven’t read that book then I highly recommend you read it.

What is a Your Best Year Yet - Mastermind Group?

This program is a hybrid of 1-1 laser-focused coaching, masterminding, and library of online resources through the Lifestyle Business Academy. At the start of the program participants will create a vision, strategy and plan for their business to ensure that everyone achieves their goals throughout the mastermind program. Over 12 months we’ll dive into every angle of your business and help you create a sustainable and profitable business you love.

What is the Lifestyle Business Academy? 

What is the Lifestyle Business Academy? LBA is a one stop shop for entrepreneurs who want to build a freedom based business and learn about how to use social media and proven business strategies in their business. This is a membership site, weekly webinars, community with a Facebook group, monthly coaching calls and regular challenges to help you move your business forward. As a Masterminder you get 12-month access to LBA as a bonus.

Sigrun is a wonderful business coach and mastermind leader. She has the skills to help take your business to the next level. I accomplished all my lofty goals during the mastermind. I truly enjoyed working with the other like-minded business owners in the mastermind who helped expand my mind to think globally. Sigrun holds you accountable to do what you say you are going to do -- and I admire that in a business leader. Sigrun is definitely part of my dream team! If you are considering joining her mastermind or working with her privately, please allow me to put you over the edge.

Terra Bohlmann
Terra Bohlmann Terra Bohlmann

Sigrun is a fantastic facilitator and coach. She will hold you accountable, keep you on track and remind you of what your bigger goals are. Before the program I wasn't paying attention to key things in my business - I had no proper budget, no yearly forecast, no strategy. By the end of the program I had a great understanding of how to do these foundational pieces and my business has changed dramatically as a result - I have lost the things that were draining my time and not financially viable, and have a plan to create a business that is very different from where I was at the start of the year. Thank you Sigrun!

Keri Williams
Keri Williams keri dawn

Mastermind Group Programs

There are three exciting groups to chose from in 2017, all running 12 months:

  • Momentum (big group with up to 16 participants)
  • Accelerator (small group with 6-8 participants)
  • VIP with 1-1 (exclusive group with 6-8 participants)

Momentum - Sold Out!

Momentum is for entrepreneurs who are starting or restarting their (online) business and want accountability, community, and guidance to create momentum in their business. Typically participants already have a business but there are also several fresh starters in the group. Everybody is motivated to create a real transformation in the time we have together.

Momentum Details:

  • 16 participants
  • Hot seat in every second call
  • Bi-weekly group calls -> 24 group calls
  • Private Momentum FB group
  • 12-month access to LBA


Accelerator is for entrepreneurs who are already 1-2 years into their business and are wanting to create and launch programs to truly accelerate their business. Typically participants are aiming to make five figures a month and ultimately achieve annual six figures. Everybody is very motivated to make a real change by selling value instead of hours or one-off projects.

Accelerator Details:

  • 6-8 participants
  • Hot seat in every call
  • Bi-weekly group calls -> 24 group calls
  • Private Accelerator FB group
  • Access to LBA

VIP Mastermind - Sold Out!

VIP Mastermind is for entrepreneurs who have been in business for 3 or more years and want to grow and scale their business in a sustainable way. Typically participants are making close to or above six figures or they very determined to get there soon. Everybody is an ambitious action taker and wants to leave a dent in the Universe.

VIP Mastermind Details:

  • 6 participants
  • Monthly group calls for 90min-> 12 group calls
  • Monthly 1-1 calls for 60min -> 12 1-1 calls
  • Private VIP Mastermind FB group
  • 2 LIVE (or online) strategy days -> 12 hrs of 1-1 strategy
  • Email support and Slack 1-1 access
  • 2 LIVE Mastermind Days with the VIP group in Zurich
  • 10% discount on additional Mastermind Days
  • 10% discount on Mastermind Retreats
  • 12-month access to the Lifestyle Business Academy (also includes a monthly group call)

This group will be filled by application process only to make sure the members are a good fit for this program.

Is this also for someone who is at the start of their business? +

Yes and no. If you have no clue what you want to do then this is not for you, then my Passion-A-Thon course is a much better fit. If you know what you want to do and have already started, then yes.

What if I want to launch a course/program? +

Most of the mastermind group participants will be launching some kind of a course or program at some point during the program. There will be calls that talk about launching and I'll give you access to launching resources. For most people this will be enough for a soft launch and a five figure launch. If you are aiming for a six figure launch then you need 1-1 mentoring and much more intense preparation.

I need to make money, will I make more money if I do the mastermind? +

I cannot make any guarantees but if you do everything the group and I suggest you do in your business, there should be nothing stopping you from making back your investment and much more.

How long are the calls? +

They are 90-120min, I always reserve 2 hrs in my calendar but we aim to finish in 90min. I just like to have that extra buffer if anyone needs more time to explain their challenge or the group has a lot of ideas to discuss.

What if I know that I will miss 1 or 2 calls? +

ll the calls are recorded on video and transcribed so you can always go back and watch a call that you either missed or want to watch again. If you miss 2 calls or more I will hop on Zoom with you so you can catch up. My policy is: No one is left behind.

What do I get besides the bi-weekly calls? +

You are a part of a private FB group and they are a huge part in helping you succeed. You also get 12-month access to my membership site, Lifestyle Business Academy, where you get unlimited access to all my webinars and courses plus a monthly Q&A call and regular challenges in the Facebook group.

Will more experienced people be around less experienced people? +

I will make sure you are in a group where you get challenged, get out of your comfort zone and make progress. Some people have been 25 years in business but still need to learn a lot about online business, others have only been 6 months in business and know everything about online business. It is not just the level of business experience that is important but also the level of ambition and what kind of business you have and want to have.

What if I don't like my group for some reason? +

Then we'll talk and figure out if you want to join a different group, change to 1-1 or as a last resort exit the group program. Everyone who joins the mastermind group needs to be fully committed to the 12-month program but if you for any reason don't feel the program is right for you then an exit is possible until the third call. After that you need to be fully committed, not just to yourself but to everyone in the group. That's how you contribute and participate in a successful mastermind.

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