Business Breakthroughs & Breathtaking Landscapes

Enjoy the scenery of the Swiss Alps and the best of Swiss hospitality while masterminding with like-minded entrepreneurs in a luxurious Swiss chalet.


Whenever I get stuck in my business I go to the Swiss Alps.
That's where I get inspiration for my next steps.
This is where I wrote my TEDx talk.
This is where I prefer to write my book.
This is where you'll find inspiration too.


It was one month before my TEDx talk and I wasn't ready.
I was totally stuck.

I had too many ideas but none of them felt good enough. A TEDx talk is an opportunity of a lifetime and I agonised over making it the very best I possibly could. I was nowhere close to feeling qualified to calling myself a TEDx speaker. Feeling frustrated and discouraged I decided to get away and spend some time in nature. I decided to go to the Swiss Alps.

When you get out of your familiar environment and experience a different landscape, especially the beautiful Swiss landscape, you'll feel how your mind starts to flourish with new ideas. In my case I was able to get new ideas, talk through them, mind map them and eventually write them down in a logical order. I went for a walk in nature. And suddenly, a lightbulb moment, the perfect idea for my talk came to me. I wrote my TEDx talk down in one go.

Today, over 100K people have seen my TEDx talk and it has brought me endless business opportunities. Every day I receive a message how my talk inspired someone.

All thanks to the inspiration from the Swiss Alps…

This is why I created Mastermind Retreat Switzerland.

So that you can have your Lightbulb Moments.

This is a 2.5 Day Mastermind Retreat with welcome evening and two full days of masterminding.  You’ll be staying in the valley of Wallis, three hours away from Zurich and two hours away from Geneva. We have a beautiful Swiss chalet, just for us. And not just any chalet, I found the best one to host our retreat.

Both day starts with optional yoga and meditation sessions. Breakfast is self-service and lunch will be served at our house. Dinner is at a local restaurant in the village of Nendaz.

During the retreat you’ll be working on a plan to move your business forward from one stage to the next. We’ll tackle business planning, sales funnels, launching, budgeting and your execution plan. By the end of the retreat you’ll have a clear step-by-step plan on what to do next in your business and how to achieve your goals.

Masterminds start with the people, which means you.

My mastermind groups and retreats attract amazing entrepreneurs who are ready to be inspired, think big and take action.

If you consider yourself an action-taker then you are a perfect fit for our mastermind group.

Masterminding is part brainstorming, part discussion, part feedback and so much more. Every masterminder needs to be open for feedback, criticism and self-reflection.

If you are willing to learn about yourself, give and receive feedback, then you are more than welcome to join us.

Mastermind sessions can be formal and informal. Formal sessions are built on the idea that every masterminder goes on the hot seat to share about their business and challenges and everyone else helps that person to find the best possible solution to achieve their goals. Informal sessions are designed to reflect and discuss in between formal sessions and have these lightbulb moments that don’t typically happen in a formal setting. Both versions require masterminders to constantly give and receive.

If you are ready to mastermind from morning to evening for 2.5 days, then this retreat is for you.

Join Before 11:59pm PST March 10th 2017

1 payment of $2500 or 3 payments of $1000


Our Swiss chalet is located at 1600m above sea level in the Swiss "les 4 vallées", one of Europe’s largest and most spectacular skiing and hiking areas. The Chalet’s upscale neighborhood "les Clèves" provides its guests with the select company of international entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

As to its spectacular location and architecture, the house sets exceptional standards: guests are awed by the panoramic mountain and valley views accessible from most living rooms and bedrooms. The Chalet’s interior design is based on antique woods and natural stones and conveys a stylish yet cozy impression of alpine luxury.

We have access to a fully equipped gym and an all-year heated outdoor swim-spa (pool/jacuzzi). The outdoor pool is equipped with a state-of-the-art countercurrent system and offers stunning mountain views. Aching muscles are taken care of by the swim spa’s soothing massage nozzles or by a relaxing session in the beautifully designed finish or infrared sauna.

Our mastermind sessions will take place on a cozy leather sofa by the central fireplace, where we will also admire the spectacular sun set and alpenglow.

Breakfast and lunch is at our house where we'll sit at an antique oak table under an open gallery’s massive wooden beams – a truly memorable experience. The open kitchen and bar are professionally equipped for our private chef.

The 5 ensuite bedrooms are stylishly outfitted with antique woods and alpine granite stones and offer stunning valley and mountain views of "postcard quality". You’ll love our Swiss chalet so much that you won't want to leave...

Are you a foodie? Great! And even if you aren’t, you are still in for a treat. We are going to experience the best of Swiss cuisine which includes cheese fondue, raclette, Swiss meat, Swiss vegetables and maybe even a bit of chocolate.

Cheese Fondue

Fondue is a Swiss, Italian, and French dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot (caquelon or fondue pot) over a chafing stand (réchaud) heated with a candle or spirit lamp, and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks. It was promoted as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union (Schweizerische Käseunion) in the 1930s, and was popularized in North America in the 1960s.

Since the 1950s, the name "fondue" has been generalized to other dishes in which a food is dipped into a communal pot of liquid kept hot in a fondue pot: chocolate fondue, in which pieces of fruit or pastry are dipped into a melted chocolate mixture, and fondue bourguignonne, in which pieces of meat are cooked in hot oil or broth.   (text from Wikipedia)

Cheese Raclette

Raclette is a semi-hard cow's milk cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel of about 6 kg (13 lb). It is most commonly used for melting. Raclette was mentioned in medieval writings, in texts from Swiss-German convents dating from as far as 1291 as a particularly nutritious meal consumed by peasants in mountainous Switzerland and Savoy (Now part of France). It was then known in the German-speaking part of Switzerland as Bratchäs, or "roasted cheese".

Traditionally, Swiss cow herders used to take the cheese with them when they were moving cows to or from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evenings around the campfire, they would place the cheese next to the fire and, when it had reached the perfect softness, scrape it on top of bread.

In the Swiss canton of Valais, raclette is typically served with tea or other warm beverages. (text from Wikipedia)

Mastermind Retreat Plan Day by Day

Please note all times are estimates

Welcome to our Swiss Chalet

You'll arrive in time for a 5pm welcome reception followed by dinner 2 hrs later. We'll have an informal mastermind with introductions and intentions so that everyone gets to know each other before we start formally masterminding next day.

  • 5pm: Welcome reception
  • 8pm: Dinner in the local village

Mastermind Day

On day 2 you have the option to do yoga and/or meditation before we formally start with the masterminding at 9am. We'll break for lunch that is served at our house before we continue with the hot seats at 1pm. We aim to finish at 6pm to give you a short break before we head for dinner between 7 and 8pm.

  • 7am: Yoga
  • 8am: Breakfast
  • 9am to 6pm: Mastermind Hot Seats
  • 8pm: Dinner in the local village

Mastermind Day

On day 2 you have the option to do yoga and/or meditation before we formally start with the masterminding at 9am. We'll break for lunch that is served at our house before we continue with the hot seats at 1pm. We aim to finish at 6pm to give you a short break before we head for dinner between 7 and 8pm.

  • 7am: Yoga
  • 8am: Breakfast
  • 9am to 12pm: Mastermind Hot Seats
  • 12pm to 1pm: Lunch
  • 1pm to 3pm: Planning session
  • 3pm to 5pm: Commitment session

Sign Up Before 11:59pm PST March 10th 2017

1 payment of $2500 or 3 payments of $1000

Price goes up to $3000 on March 11th.


The retreat was like being in a completely different reality. It was an amazing experience. There was something so unreal about it. … Day to day life takes a lot of your energy and sometimes you just need more space and time to focus on the ideas you have and you want to develop. And the retreat did exactly that. I have to admit that I had some doubts when I signed up and then after coming back I told my husband... “thank you for convincing me”, I’m so grateful I joined. I think many people are be intrigued and interested but hesitant. But I say, just go for it, because there’s nothing to lose. It’s an investment but it will pay off. I think it’s worth it. If you hesitate, just go for it.

The thing that impressed me the most was the quality of participants. I think it’s thanks to you (Sigrun) and your talents to attract these exceptional women and that’s what really added value to that whole experience. The team of participants was an amazing asset.

Joanna Baird
Joanna Baird

Mastermind Retreat Iceland was phenomenal. You totally provided everything that we needed and just made it an amazing experience. I walked away with some new friends too. If you are thinking of signing up for Sigrun’s mastermind retreat don’t think about it, just sign up like I did. If you’re heart is saying “do this” I say jump on it.

Sigrun is obviously an amazing coach and an amazing host … and she puts together an amazing team to facilitate the retreat so you will not be let down in the amount of time you have to mastermind.I would go back in a heartbeat. It was so amazing.

Julia Slike
Julia Slike

I think you are an amazing coach, I love the way you coach. So it’s because of you that I joined your Mastermind Retreat Iceland.

On top of that I’m really a big fan of Iceland. It is really unique to meet female entrepreneurs from all over the world in one place. … I walked away with the knowledge that a lot of of female entrepreneurs out there want to go to the next level and they really need each other to achieve their goals. I walked away with my new strategy and a plan what to do next.

Jeanet Bathoorn
Jeanet Bathoorn

Being in nature, traveling around, being in the company of interesting people is something I love doing and I knew that the retreat was going to help me and my business. It was that perfect mix of having a holiday and working on my business at the same time. I admit it was intense. The days were long. It was a lot fun and I felt I could really take a step out of my everyday life. I felt like in a different world and that was fantastic. A really good combination of seeing a new country and creating a real bond between the participants. We all felt like we knew each other for a long time.

What I valued also a lot is how you engaged with us. Everybody got one-on-one time. That is not typical for a retreat but you really made sure that you looked over everybody’s plan, we could always ask our questions. I really valued that.

Silke Zanker
Silke Zanker


I was 10 years old when my parents bought a dry cleaning shop. From the age of 10 to 23 I worked there in all my school holidays and learned everything about running a dry cleaning.

Little did I know how helpful this background was when I, at the age of 33, took over a loss-making business without any business education. Within a year I had turned the company around and took over a second loss-making company. After having studied architecture, information architecture and software development I decided to do my fourth Master’s degree with an MBA at London Business School.

For 10 years I was a CEO of numerous businesses, working on startups, fast growth, turnarounds and mergers. As a business consultant I helped startups with their business plans and development. Chronic illness and the loss of my job gave me the needed push to finally realise my dream of a lifestyle business. I can now live in two countries and work with people all over the world, just like I envisioned before I started my business. Within three years of starting my own business I’ll be making $1M in revenue this year.

I’m looking forward to use my zone of genius to work with you on your vision, your strategy but also the execution and all the details of your plan so that you can achieve your dreams.

Mastermind Retreat Iceland was so much more than I expected. It was a spectacular trip, the scenery, the food...it was just amazing how all the masterminders clicked on the first day. We had a similar mindset and shared ideas - you could learn something from every single person. Few weeks after the retreat we are still messaging each other. We’re each others’ cheerleaders now.

Business-wise I came away with a clear plan of action. I was feeling overwhelmed trying to do too many things and I got a clear plan of what to offer and how to serve my customers. I walked away with a manageable plan that I know I can do.

Helen Maffini
Helen Maffini

It was soul food on so many levels. Not just for my business but for me personally. To have all these incredible business women in the flesh living in the same house for a week, only great things could come out of that. It was incredible. I walked away with clarity specifically around my business model. It’s something that I couldn’t name before I went to Iceland. I knew there was a gap as to why I was so frustrated … I knew there was a missing link.

Regardless of where you are in your business… anyone would benefit from the retreat. It’s so much more than you could even put into words. There’s so many pieces to the experience that I think will benefit your life across the board not just your business life.

To be with women who are all very exceptional in their areas of their business life but are also struggling in areas of their business life. There was something very therapeutic about that.

Courtney Townley
Courtney Townley


My first business idea was to write travel books. My second business idea was to be a photographer. My third idea was to marry my zone of genius in business with my mindset experience to help entrepreneurs find their passion and turn it into a profitable business.

In my Mastermind Retreats I am bringing all my business ideas and expertise together, for you.

Reserve Your Spot Before 11:59pm PST March 10th 2017

1 payment of $2500 or 3 payments of $1000

Price goes up to $3000 on March 11th.

  • All inclusive 2.5 day business mastermind retreat
  • 1 meet & greet reception
  • 2 days of business masterminding
  • 2 lunches including water and coffee
  • 2 dinners including water, coffee and beverages
  • 2 nights in our private house
  • 2 yoga & meditation sessions followed by breakfast

Questions & Answers

Do I need to have a business idea? +

Yes, you need to have a business to benefit the most from the retreat.

When should I book my arriving flight? +

Please plan your arrival so that you arrive at Sion train station in Wallis latest at 4pm so you can make it in time for our welcome reception at 5pm on Sunday June 11th.

When should I book my departing flight? +

There will be drop off between 5pm and 7pm in Sion on June 13th. Please allow for enough time for you to travel back to your airport before your flight is scheduled.

What should I pack for the retreat? +

The retreat is in June in Switzerland so we expect mild and comfortable temperatures. Still, be prepared for it to be cooler when we go up to a mountaintop or out in the evening. Pack comfortable clothes for yoga, walking and hiking. Make sure you have waterproof clothing for outdoor activities and good walking/hiking shoes.

How is breakfast? +

Breakfast is self-service at our house, typical Swiss breakfast with bread, jam, ham, eggs, cheese, fruit etc. If you are on a special diet then please notify us.

When and where is lunch? +

Lunch is at 12pm at our house.

When and where is dinner? +

Dinner is around 8pm at a local restaurant in the village of Nendaz.

Is there WiFi? +

Yes, there is WiFi.

What kind of charger do I need for Switzerland? +

Switzerland has a 220V and a three plug system so you most likely need a Swiss converter.

Can I have a single room? +

For a price of $5000 you can have a single room all to yourself. Please contact [email protected] to book a single room.

What is your refund policy? +

To ensure we cover all costs, no refunds are possible.

What is included? +
  • 1 meet & greet reception
  • 2 days of business masterminding
  • 2 lunches including water and coffee
  • 2 dinners including water, coffee and one glass of wine
  • 2 nights in our private house (double occupancy)
  • 2 yoga & meditation sessions followed by breakfast
  • Private Facebook Group leading up to the retreat
  • Preparation material and mastermind session before the retreat
What is not included? +

Travel to and from Switzerland is not included, you have to arrange for your own flight or train. You can either fly into Zurich or Geneva. Pickup and drop off for the retreat is at Sion train station in Wallis, Switzerland. Also not included is accommodation before or after the retreat if you want to arrive earlier or stay longer.

What are the accommodations like? +

We are staying a private Swiss chalet with daily room service. You have your private bathrobe, house shoes and of course towels and toiletries. You’ll feel like you're at a 4-5 star hotel.

Is transportation included? +

Pickup and drop off at Sion train station in Wallis is included but you need to take care of your transport to and from Sion.

Which airport should I fly to? +

You can fly into Zurich or Geneva, whatever is best for you and for your travel from either city to Sion train station.

How do I get from the airport to Sion? +

Zurich city center is only 20min away from the airport. You can get there by train or taxi. We even have a few UBERs.

How do I get to Switzerland? +

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of airlines that fly into Zurich International Airport. Check websites like http://www.dohop.com and http://www.hipmunk.com for convenient flights from your city.

Will I have time on my own? +

This retreat is packed with mastermind and planning sessions. Don’t expect to have much time on your own because you want to maximize the experience and time you have with the other masterminders and me in Switzerland.

How much cash do I need to bring? +

You should have cash and/or credit card for little things, like drinks and snacks, you would like to have in between meals.

What else should I see or experience in Switzerland? +

Please add one or two days after the retreat to see Zurich and reflect on your experience from the mastermind.

When does registration close? +

Registration closes when last spot is sold.

What are the dates? +

The dates are June 11-13, 2017.

With your investment you will get:

All inclusive 2.5 day business mastermind retreat

1 meet & greet reception

2 days of business masterminding

2 lunches including water and coffee

2 dinners including water, coffee and beverages

2 nights in our private house (double occupancy)

2 yoga & meditation sessions followed by breakfast

Private Facebook Group leading up to the retreat

Preparation material and mastermind session before the retreat

Mastermind Retreat Switzerland

June 11 - 13, 2017

Reserve Your Spot Before 11:59pm PST March 10th

1 payment of $2500 or 3 payments of $1000

Price goes up to $3000 on March 11th


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