Join our SOMBA Kickstart Partner Program and become a member of our community of powerful female entrepreneurs who help more women to reach their goals while earning commissions and fueling their own ambitions.

We would love to have you join us on our mission and we invite you to become our official partner for SOMBA Kickstart*.

Kickstart is our highly popular intensive group coaching program that has already helped over a thousand entrepreneurs create their course and then sell an offer.

We have countless outstanding success stories and testimonials, and with our signature Kickstart process, the program has an incredible 90% completion rate.

Because of these amazing results, we want to help more entrepreneurs go through the Kickstart process – and that’s where you come in! We’re looking for the right partners who are aligned on every level with our mission so that we can help more women thrive in their online businesses.

Our Kickstart launches have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their online business.

We want to share this success with you!

Are you interested in earning great commissions by helping female entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses?

Then apply to become our partner below!

Our SOMBA Kickstart program is not a course. It’s a 10-week implementation and accountability group coaching program, designed to help participants either get online or get the missing traction they need in their online business.

Thanks to the unique Kickstart process they get clear steps to focus on every week, make continuous progress and walk away with a finished course, a list of potentially hundreds of people who are interested in it, and a lot of them even make sales.

Kickstart is a one of a kind program that gets everyone into action mode, leaves no one behind and practically guarantees our participants’ success.

Our students learn to create and run their online course, build an email list and social media presence, craft a sales page and how to make an upsell offer towards the end. They follow a tested and proven process that takes the overwhelm and guesswork out of online business and helps them finally get the traction they need.


Apart from the following amazing perks & WINs that you’ll get when you partner up with us – promoting SOMBA Kickstart will also give you the growth opportunity to join us behind the scenes of an Affiliate Partner Launch & then using the various strategies in your own business.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire women entrepreneurs & bring a positive impact into their lives with YOUR help!

A Win For Your Audience - A Successful, Reliable & Tested Program

Unlike most programs, SOMBA Kickstart actually has a 90% completion rate! The process is tested and proven and practically guarantees our participants’ success. This means your audience will get incredible results and love the program experience.

Additional Income Stream

Add an additional income stream to your online business as our partner by earning commissions of $1000 for each Kickstart participant that joins through your link.

Trainings Delivered By Experts For You

Our experts will provide you with the best training on how to rock an affiliate launch & help you achieve outstanding results in the Kickstart launch with us – and also in your own launches to follow. You’ll learn about bonus and high-touch (social) promotion strategies and launching!

Done For You Assets

We’ll make it easy for you to sell and earn commissions by providing marketing assets like email templates, social media posts, graphics and much more. All you need to do is tweak them or copy and paste and you’re good to go.

Amazing Prizes And Surprises

Sigrun always loves to surprise and delight which is why you can expect amazing prizes for you to win during the launch.

Check out these partner successes!


SOMBA Kickstart is a $2,997 investment

For every sale up to 10, you will receive a commission of $1000 every single time a customer buys through your own affiliate link

If you sell 11+ places, you will get a surprise bonus for hitting this milestone, and another if you hit 20+ sales, so get excited!
During the partner launch we will also have a leaderboard of leads & sales, plus spot prizes for creativity and sprints for certain days.
We want to generously reward you, so we are including an incredible prize on top of the commissions for the top performers including a spot in an exclusive retreat.

Want to join the party and earn $1000 per sale?



Hi, I’m Sigrun.

In the last 7 years I have worked with thousands of women helping them start and scale their online businesses. I draw from my previous experience of being a CEO for a decade working on startups, mergers and fast growth companies with revenue in the range of 7-8 figures.

In 2017 I created the program that I wished had existed when I was starting and growing my own online business. A program that has everything you need to know about creating an online course and building a list… And that actually gets people to take action!

Kickstart is exactly that. The program that practically guarantees success, no matter if participants want to create their first or next online course.

I’m proud to say that we have so many Kickstart re-takers who do the program once, celebrate incredible wins and then continue to do it with us every single round.

They love that they can simply trust the process, never have to feel overwhelmed and achieve amazing success in just 10 weeks. Again and again and again.

Kickstart is a program unlike any other and I’m confident that your audience will love it too.

Are you interested in partnering with us? Then apply below and we are excited to hear from you!

*SOMBA is an acronym for Sigrun’s Online MBA.

Applications close on Monday, September 27th, 2021!

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