Find Your True Passion & The Right Business Idea So You Can Finally Create Your Online Lifestyle Business
Starting February 4, 2019
Find Your True Passion & The Right Business Idea 
So You Can Finally Create Your Lifestyle Business
This is the course that gets you unstuck in only 4 weeks so you can start to turn your passion into a profitable online business.
Maybe you’ve got...
  •  Many passions but you’re not sure which one to follow
  •  A business idea but you’re not 100% sure it’s the right one
  •  An offline business but you’re thinking of doing something online
Then you’ve come to the right place.
You’ve got to follow your passion. You’ve got to figure out what you love, who you really are, and have the courage to do that.” ~Oprah
The Passion-A-Thon helps you reconnect with your true passion, figure out what you love, who you really are and gives you the courage to start the right business with your passion.

I created the Passion-A-Thon to help you:
  •  Get clarity on what you really want and become unstuck
  •  Discover everything you love and find your true passion
  •  Find the right business idea and know what to do next
Five years ago I didn’t have a business idea.
I was unemployed and sick. I had just lost my job again, the second time in 15 months. Just two years earlier I had been sick for 7 months, unable to work, and I was still recovering. I took this as a sign from the Universe that now was the right time for me to start the business I had been dreaming of. For many years I had been dreaming about starting my own business but I never had the courage to actually take the leap. Now it was my only way.
There was just one little problem. I didn’t have a business idea!
For months I tried various things, I read books, took online courses, and started a business idea that I thought was “it” but four months in, I realised that my heart was not in it. And luckily I stopped right there before I wasted more time and energy into the wrong idea.

I knew exactly what kind of lifestyle I wanted. I wanted to be location independent and work whenever and wherever. I wanted to spend extended time with my aging parents in Iceland and at the same time be with my husband and stepsons in Switzerland. I wanted to take care of my health, travel the world and basically live life on my own terms.

I started blogging as I thought this might help me realise what I really wanted. In order to write good blog posts and continue my path of figuring out the right business idea I also did a series of exercises that I came up with. Slowly but surely it became to clear to me what I wanted to do and suddenly it was right in front of me. I found my business idea!

And it dawned on me - there must be others out there struggling to find their business idea. I must help them and I must help them right now! Before thinking things through or creating any material - I just had my framework of exercises - I announced on social media that I was offering an online course called Passion-A-Thon - a course to find your true passion and the right business idea. 134 people signed up! And a week later the course started. 

This was over four years ago and now over 400 participants have now gone through the course. The feedback and the testimonials are out of this world. This course doesn’t just help you find the right business idea, it helps you reconnect with your true passion and figure out what you really want. And the best part - it literally changes your life - forever.

The Passion-A-Thon saves you time and money and helps you start your lifestyle business with the right business idea.
The Passion-A-Thon is a 4-week online course.
In only 4 weeks you’ll find true passion and the right business idea.
It’s time to start to live your life with passion!
This is a life-changing course, not my words, but straight from the participants. 
If you’re ready to change your life, the Passion-A-Thon will help you get started.
"I’ve created a company, which now as I move into my second year is stable, has a vision, and I can relate it all back to the course. ”
Sophie signed up for the Passion-A-Thon a few years ago. She went through each exercise and took the time to complete them. 

Once she looked over her results, she found what she would like to do and the business idea that worked for her. 
After finishing the Passion-A-Thon, she took a big leap and created a company and is now in her second year.

In Sophie’s words:
“I had many aha moments, and I also created tools that I still use today. I can see almost every month since I took the Passion-A-thon course something has been connected to that course. And I’ve just been building on it and seeing different things fall into place.

I took a big leap and I think it’s hard to put a price on that, because where do you start, how do you say, okay, but I’ve changed my life from doing it. I keep coming back to that course. If I’m ever in doubt, I come back to the what is the list of things I like to do, is this a business idea, and what does my vision board look like, so I have those tangible things as well, and, yes, I’ve created a company, which now as I move into my second year is stable, has a vision, and I can relate it all back to the course. ”

~ Sophie Kramhoft, Create the Spark Marketing

"The Passion-A-Thon was like kind of medicine for me."

I really fell in love with this course because I rediscovered all my thousands of passions. The Passion-A-Thon was like kind of medicine for me. Through the exercises I was able to create, really a whole new business I was longing for, for a long time. 
When you are stuck and insecure, if you are passionate enough or if you have lost your passion or lost the connection to your passions, and you don't know what is your joy, you forgot it, then I would really warmly recommend to do the Passion-A-Thon because there you find it.
~Eva Lueg

"[The] Passion-A-Thon workshop is a "must"

[The] Passion-A-Thon workshop is a "must" for anyone that wants to put their own passion into a business idea.
The support and guidance from Sigrun was amazing and it proved that she's a true professional in the subject.
This was the first - but definitely not the last time - that I worked with Sigrun.
~Will Bollhalder, Der Menschen-Entwickler

"[This course] lead me to be crystal clear about my vision and implementation."

Sigrun has a genuine nature. Before I started this course, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the thoughts in my head. She was able lead me to be crystal clear about my vision and implementation. Thank you!

"This course truly helped me focus and learn about what make me feel alive and passionate."

This course truly helped me focus and learn about what make me feel alive and passionate. I recommend this course for anyone seeking more clarity and understanding of one’s own dreams and passions. I’ll be honest, I never thought much of “Coaching” in general. Thought it was kind of the new “In” thing lots of people are doing for a living. You gave a deep understanding and RESPECT for what coaching truly is – Great Job – thank you! 
~Lona, Always About Horses

"Thank you so much Sigrun, I'm forever grateful."

I nearly gave up half way thinking this wasn’t working for me until the last day WOW!!! Clarity. Thank you so much Sigrun, I'm forever grateful.
What’s Inside the Passion-A-Thon? 
The Passion-A-Thon is a very clear and actionable course. Once you’ve completed the 4 modules, you’ll know exactly what you need to do next.

The Passion-A-Thon helps you discover what you love and define your future. You’ll figure out the right business idea AND you’ll find out what you truly want in life.

Each lesson and exercise builds on each other to get you from where you are today to creating a vision for your future and a business idea that can best make that future a reality.
Module 1
Stop wasting time and money, and create an exciting vision for your life and business.

Making your dreams a reality is based on your vision for your business (and your future). You’ll rediscover what you love doing and which passions are most aligned with your vision, and you might be in for a surprise (many participants discover a new true passion!). 
Module 2
Determine your dream lifestyle and design your business around your lifestyle.

There are multiple ways to making money and you’ll explore which revenue modules most fit your lifestyle and your business ideas. With so many ideas and examples you might be surprised about your outcome (many participants realise a new way to making money).
Module 3
The right business idea is the one that turns your true passion into real profits. 

Making money from your passion is every entrepreneur’s dream. When you get clarity on which business idea will actually make you money (and more importantly make you happy) then you’ve found the sweet spot to make your dream business a reality!
Module 4
Take your business idea for a test drive and find out what to do next to make money.

There are certain steps to take when you have a new (or old) business idea. First you’ll learn to talk about your business idea in way that sparks interest in you and your business and then you’ll learn how to test your business idea fast so you can start to sign up clients!
“Go for it. I mean, if you really want to find out your passion, and if you are ready to rock your business, then go for it.”
Insa had been working nearly 20 years in her job, and she was a little tired of it. So she thought maybe there was something else she could do to make money, and she started the Passion-A-Thon. 

As a full-time journalist, she was curious about the program. One line from the program stuck out for her in particular: “Trust the process.”
At her own pace, Insa went about finding out more about her passion and went though the whole process completely and came up with a new business idea.

She is now a speaker trainer.
In Insa’s words about the Passion-A-Thon:
“Go for it. I mean, if you really want to find out your passion, and if you are ready to rock your business, then go for it.”

~ Insa Künkel, Speaker Trainer

"This course has really helped me to get so much clearer on my passions"

This course has really helped me to get so much clearer on my passions and on my business ideas. All the things I learned will accompany me for a long time. Loved every minute of the course and felt a lot of excitement from the assignments. 
~Martina, Your Health is My Passion

"In this course I’m more clear on what are my next steps."

I’ve always been a multi-passionate person. I started my own business last year, but always knew I had other passions to follow. In this course I’m more clear on what are my next steps. But like Sigrun said, I have to start implement them to see how they “feel” and then I’ll know if I’m on the right track or not.
~Gyda, Staerdfraedi

"If you are willing to do the work, you will definitely get results."

Sigrun’s honesty and caring is uniquely expressed and felt on all levels. If you are willing to do the work, you will definitely get results. It is all about your action. Many wonderful blessings are coming your way as a result of what you have given all of us.
~Jacqueline, Love Life Be Awake

 "I got insight on many of my passions and what business options are open to me."

This course is intense, however, in a short time I got insight on many of my passions and what business options are open to me. Sigrun held the space for a very vibrant and supportive Facebook community and it was amazing to see what insight others had during the Passion-A-Thon. I am really glad I participated.
~Ute, Mastermind Hub

"I have much more clarity about my passions and what I want to do with them."

I highly recommend Sigrun’s course of finding your true passions. Her process of guiding us from a vision of our dream lives to concrete, actionable business ideas has been very eye opening and helpful for me. Now I have much more clarity about my passions and what I want to do with them.
~Brigitte, Brigitte Gleissner
How does the Passion-A-Thon work?
The Passion-a-thon is a 4-week online course. When you sign up you get immediate access to the first module and can start taking action. You’ll be invited to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other participants of the Passion-A-Thon. 

Every week for 4 weeks, you get access to a new module. You’ll receive a weekly email with instructions and description of each module. Each module is made up of several lessons. Each lesson includes an instructional video and where relevant downloadable worksheet.

Inside the private Facebook group you’ll have the support of other participants. There is also a weekly Q&A Call with Sigrun. 

The Facebook group is one of the best ways to get inspired, start to think big, and take action. We encourage participants to share their progress every step of the way. The best part about the Passion-A-Thon is the supportive community! 
Here’s what’s included in the Passion-A-Thon:
  •  Online access to the Passion-A-Thon course
  •  Weekly emails for four weeks with access to each module
  •  Instructional videos and examples
  •  Course worksheets 
  •  Private Facebook group with peer-to-peer support
  •  4 Weekly Q&A calls inside the Facebook group 
  •  12-month access to the course and Facebook group
Your investment for the Passion-A-Thon:
  •  Your commitment to do the exercises as they are laid out
  •  Your time now so that you can have more money later
  •  Your financial investment is $197 for a limited time
Five years ago I didn’t have a business idea.
I knew what kind of lifestyle I wanted but I didn’t have a business idea yet. Then it was through series of exercises 4 years ago that I found my business idea, the exact exercises that you get access to in the Passion-A-Thon. I was so surprised about my business idea, it was not what I expected, and was still so obvious in hindsight. 

Today I have a true lifestyle business. I spend half of the year in Iceland and half of the year in Switzerland while also traveling the world, exactly like I envisioned 4 years ago. I have retired my husband and now he helps me in my business instead. My stepsons travel with us whenever they are on a school break and I’m raising future entrepreneurs!

Within 12 months of starting my business I had made six figures. And from there I doubled the revenue of my business every single year until I tripled it to one million dollars last year. In 2017 my dad got seriously sick and I was able to fly to Iceland and spend quality time with him. At the same time I had my best year in business, working less and earning more.
Turning my passion into a profitable business is a dream come true.
That dream is possible for you too.
What do you get from the Passion-A-Thon?
When you show up and invest in yourself by doing each exercise as instructed, you can expect one or more of the following to happen:
  •  You’ll get unstuck and stop overthinking everything
  •  You’ll have reconnected with your true passion 
  •  You’ll have found the right business idea to make your lifestyle business a reality
  •  You’ll have a vision for your business and your personal life 
  •  You’ll be inspired by other soon-to-be entrepreneurs like you 
  •  You’ll know exactly what to do next to turn your passion into profits
If you’ve read this far, then I know you’re ready.
  •  You are ready to create your lifestyle business.
  •  You are ready to live from your passion.
  •  You are ready for the Passion-A-Thon.
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