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For the online entrepreneur who wants to turn their course into a cash-machine…

Get The Proven Step-by-Step System That Delivers New Ideal Clients to You Every Day…

So You Can Make Everyday a Payday and Confidently Take Your Business to the Next Level with Ease
had 466 freebie downloads
added 286 new leads
made 96 sales
with a 20% conversion rate
I had my new freebie and appetiser done in like two weeks. I could have done it at my own pace but I wouldn’t be done in two weeks. And this is something that was this huge mountain that I had in my mind. I overcame it in two weeks! It makes a huge difference to have guidance…

I have like 200,000 things on my mind and I didn't have to figure out the next step. Someone was there to tell me what to do next. And I was just following step by step, and then I was at the end. It was like a paradigm shift of ‘oh My God, this is absolutely not as huge as I thought.
Dagmar Cmorej, Communications Trainer for Parents
Before Sales Every Day, Dagmar had created a course and launched a number of times. But she had no sales in between launches. She knew she needed to create a product to start selling every day.

But figuring out how to do it felt like a mountain standing between her and her goals. “When I imagined this, like standing in front of me, it was so huge. It was like a mountain that I had to get through. But it was not that huge because I got the right guidance.”
You've created a course… Tried to launch 1 or 2 times… And now you're wondering,
So you start looking for answers online:
But everything looks overwhelming, technical, vague… or all of the above! You just want someone to give you the hands-on support you need to take your ideal client from downloading your freebie and guide them to your course…

So you can finally start making Sales Every Day.
Sales Every Day takes you through the process of creating a sales funnel that will bring income to your business every day. The trick to creating a funnel is making sure that it really brings in your ideal clients every day. The program teaches you how to do all this so your funnel will be sustainable in the long run, plus the accountability and support from the team and the community is invaluable.
Sif Traustadottir, Dog Trainer turned Book Writing Coach
With a sustainable sales funnel working for you every day, you’ll go from
Not hitting your goals between launches
Bringing in new leads every day with an evergreen system that promotes your course all the time
Not turning people on your list into buyers because your freebie doesn’t match your main course
Having a freebie that builds trust and nurtures your ideal client towards your main offer
Spending hours selling but not making sales
Waking up to daily sales because you are attracting the right audience to your course
Wondering if your idea clients are not interested in what you offer
Dream clients who are warmed up and excited about your signature course
More importantly, you won’t have to spend days and weeks trying to figure out where your next lead is coming from.

Your funnel will be doing the work for you once you set it up following the proven step-by-step process.
You created your course because you wanted to stop trading time for money.

You wanted to bring in more income without giving up time with your family.

You still feel a little “icky” about sales but you know you need to start selling or else all you have is a dusty digital course and an expensive hobby.

With a sales funnel that is set up right, you free up a lot of time so you can enjoy the reasons why you started your business in the first place.

You’ll be able to focus on helping more people with your work…

You’ll feel confident and at ease that you’ll meet your income goals for the month…

You’ll start living that online entrepreneurial life you pictured for yourself and your family…

If you’re like many online entrepreneurs and course creators who feel stuck and overwhelmed when trying to sell your courses on their own…

Or you just want to start making more income consistently from your course…

Or you want a system that will help you evergreen your course so you’re not constantly launching…

Or perhaps you’re a successful 1:1 service provider who is ready to stop trading time for money.
Let me introduce you to…
The proven system to create a cash-generating machine for online entrepreneurs who want to make every day a payday with their online course
Sales Every Day is a 10-week LIVE program where you will learn step-by-step how to build a sustainable sales funnel with the end in mind so you can build a customer journey that leads your dream clients to your online course.

When you apply my Sales Every Day system, you’ll also be able to:
  • Create an evergreen online program that brings in leads year-round even when you’re not launching, on vacation or taking the afternoon off to spend time with your kids
  • Automate your sales process so you’re not thinking about what to do next, refreshing your inbox to see if you got a new sale, or feeling “icky” to sell your offer when new leads come in
  • Attract and nurture your ideal clients so you spend less time convincing them and more time getting them ready and excited to buy from you
  • Take control of your business, sales and cash flow so you’re not wondering whether or not you’ll have enough to pay your businesses and personal expenses
  • Gain the confidence you need to keep growing your business and move forward in your entrepreneurial journey with a consistent and reliable income coming in
Hi, I'm Sigrun!
When I started my online business ten years ago, I had no idea that I would have a multiple seven figure business, or that I would achieve a million dollars in revenue in less than four years. I didn't even have those aspirations.

I didn’t know I’d be called the “Launch Queen” or be known as Europe #1 Business Mentor.

The truth is 10 years ago, I created my first online course and I had no idea how to sell it.

I ran it for free and got 134 signups. I was thrilled! But I didn’t make an offer so of course I didn’t make any sales.

6 months later I tried to sell another course, this time a paid one.

Only 1 person bought my course. I felt so bad, so I refunded her.

I questioned whether I had what it takes to succeed in online business.

But because I was determined to figure out what I needed to do, I was able to turn it around and I made $27K in 4 weeks!

Fast forward to 2024 and my latest course launch generated $1.8 million in sales. In the last 10 years, I've made over $17 million in online business and $10 million in course sales. I’ve also helped thousands of students like you create and sell their courses and build the life of their dreams.
You being here tells me you’re someone who is also determined to do what it takes to build your online business. You have a vision for your future – for your business and your life – and you believe that having the right system, the right strategy and the right support can help you reach that vision.

I can’t wait to help you reach what’s possible inside Sales Every Day. This is the only place where you can come to learn my proven sales system to unlock the potential of your online course, get expert feedback from coaches on your courses and sales funnel, build your confidence as an entrepreneur and connect with a community of like-minded business buddies who want to grow as much as you do.
Inside Sales Every Day, you’ll go step-by-step in building your sales pipeline

Step 1:

Design Your Evergreen Offer with Your Current Course

Start by clearly defining your ideal client to ensure you have the right target audience in mind for your sales funnel. Once you’re crystal clear about the ideal client, you’ll design your Irresistible Evergreen Offer based on your current course (or a new online course you want to create).

You’ll walk away with:
  • Clearly identified ideal client for your sales funnel
  • Evergreen offer that resonates with your target audience
  • The foundation for a successful sales funnel

Step 2:

Use Your Trust-Building System

Begin with the end in mind by creating a sales page for your online course based on our proven Sales Pages That Sell Template. You’ll create the perfect freebie with our Fabulous Freebie Formula and build a clear and easy path for your ideal client using our Know-Like-Trust System.

You’ll walk away with:
  • High-converting sales page you’ll be proud to put in the world
  • Craft a freebie that builds trust and attracts your ideal client
  • Establish a nurture sequence to guide your clients towards your main offer

Step 3:

Bridge the Gap for Your Ideal Client

Create an Appetiser Program, the missing step between your freebie and online course. This tiny, low-priced program is an obvious next step after your freebie and reveals what could be next.

You’ll walk away with:
  • The perfect appetiser offer to bridge the gap between your freebie and online course.
  • Low-risk opportunity for clients to engage with your brand
  • Improved conversion rates between your freebie and your main offer

Step 4:

Smooth Out Your Funnel Flow

Set up payment pages and deadline reminders, and start testing the flow of your freebie to appetiser to main offer. Make sure everything runs smoothly with the help of our weekly tech calls where you can get your tech questions resolved.

You’ll walk away with:
  • Seamless customer journey to take your ideal client from freebie to main offer
  • Solutions to technical issues so you can optimise your funnel's performance
  • Increase conversions because you’ve removed friction points in your sales process

Step 5:

Bring in the Traffic

Put your new sales system into the world with organic and paid traffic. Learn how to optimise and tweak it for maximum results. Collaborate with other Sales Every Day participants to promote each other's funnels and benefit from more leads and sales.

You’ll walk away with:
  • New & consistent traffic flowing into your offers using organic and paid strategies
  • Strong sales mindset to overcome any limiting beliefs
  • Increase conversions because you’ve removed friction points in your sales process
My proven step-by-step process will give you the roadmap you need every time you need to set up a new funnel for your business.
It’s repeatable. It’s sustainable. It’s customizable to sell whatever course you’re selling.
Sales Every Day is an incredible, hands-on program that will teach you in three months how to set up your evergreen sales funnel from scratch. I've not come across a program that is so hands-on in terms of technical support, explaining the strategy behind every step, supporting you with entrepreneurial decisions you have to take, and in terms of teaching you how to use Artificial Intelligence in an ethical way to win hours of time on your journey. I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to finally set up their sales funnel (the accountability mechanism in the program is one of its kind!) and to start making sales every day
Judith Fuhrmann, Sales Every Day student 2022
But here’s what truly sets Sales Every Day apart from all the programs out there… on top of the step-by-step process you’ll learn to create your sales funnel, you’ll also have accountability and expertise available every step of the way.
Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls
10 Weeks of Coaching Calls from Expert Coaches so you take action and move forward every week inside Sales Every Day.
  • Bring your questions, obstacles and anything else that might be holding you back in building your sales funnel.
  • Get feedback on your offers, your ads, and even your ideal client
  • Receive support and guidance for entrepreneurial decisions you have to take
Templates and AI tools
Skip the analysis paralysis of trying to do everything from scratch. You’ll have access to templates and tools to help you set up your landing pages, emails, and more!
Weekly Tech Calls
Don’t let tech slow you down. With 10 hands-on tech calls, you’ll be ready to implement each step so you can have a sales system that runs even when you’re not around.
Private Online Community
Get unparalleled support from coaches, mentors and fellow students inside our private, supportive Facebook group.
Weekly breakout rooms with mentors
Get support and accountability from mentors who have been in your shoes.
We take accountability seriously inside Sales Every Day because we want to see you reach your goal of making sales every day.
Certification of Completion
By actively participating in the Sales Every Day program and filling out our forms on time you’ll receive a certificate of completion. There will be 5 forms to fill out over the span of 10 weeks and you have around 48-36 hours to complete each form. Only those who fill out all 5 forms on time will receive a certificate of completion.
BONUS 1: Live event in Zurich, Sigrun Live, Saturday, October 19, 2024.
It’s our biggest in-person event of the year and as part of Sales Every Day, you automatically get a ticket to be part of it! Here’s how Sigrun Live can accelerate your business growth:
  • 10x your future with the powerful mindset exercises you need at the next level
  • Expand your network and share your expertise with other entrepreneurs
  • Think Bigger and challenge yourself with Mastermind hot seats
  • Stay focused with the latest business tips and best practices
  • Be inspired by success stories from fellow entrepreneurs
  • Take action on bigger goals and see how far you can go
  • Fuel your growth with immersive sessions
Sigrun LIVE is your opportunity to learn the latest in online marketing, mastermind and network for more online business growth.

Value €497
BONUS 3: 90 day free trial to SOMBA.io
Win back hours of your time with AI tools to help you set up your funnel. There’s a lot of parts to your funnel. But instead of getting stuck trying to figure out all the pieces on your own, you’ll have access to our AI tool to fast track your progress.

You’ll be able to:
  • Come up with the right elements of your sales funnel
  • Write the copy you need to complete your funnel and start bringing in leads
  • Save time

Value €997
BONUS 3: 90 day free trial to SOMBA.io
That includes a full sales funnel built on the Sales Every Day System, Weekly Tech Calls and Free Trial (€97/month after 90 days).

Value €2,285 (With 90 Day Free Trial)
Value €1,994 (Without 90 Day Free Trial)

(If you have already signed up for a trial then you are not eligible for another trial. You’ll get the full Sales Every Day system added to your existing SOMBA.io account. In addition, there are weekly SOMBA.io tech calls.)
BONUS 4: Master Facebook Ads for your sales funnel (2 live calls)
Get comfortable using Facebook ads for your sales funnel with our Facebook Ads coach. Facebook ads are an essential part of your funnel. So even if you’ve never used them before or you’ve been scared to use them for lead generation, during this bonus module you’ll learn how to maintain the ads you create, ways to optimise for performance, split testing ads and the key to getting new leads for free from Facebook ads.

Value €1,997
BONUS 5: Crafting High-Converting Sales & Landing Pages Masterclass
Design your sales page and landing pages for conversions. Led by our in-house Brand Designer, you’ll learn the key to making sure your sales pages and landing pages grab your audience’s attention and guide them straight to checkout.

Value €297
BONUS 6: We advertise your sales funnel
When you submit your sales funnel to us on time we’ll promote it to our email list and on social media for 7 days. That means you get your offer in front of an audience of over 40,000 people who know and trust what I put in front of them.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get a free promotion and free signups for your funnel.

Value is priceless!

Total Value in Bonuses = €9,570

You Pay: €2,997

Payment plans available.
isn’t another “sales” course full of theories and best practices that are too complicated and too complex to apply…
Which is why not only do you get Weekly Live Coaching Calls, you’ll also get weekly implementation calls, weekly mentor calls, weekly tech calls and opportunities to get feedback from the Sales Every Day private community

Because creating a sales funnel that actually brings in the right leads to your online course requires testing, feedback, optimising and getting in front of real people…

Sales Every Day is designed to give you the accountability and implementation support that is often missing in many programs out there.
Two Ways to Join
Get the accountability and support you need to start selling your online course and take your business to the next level

Total Value of Sales Every Day:

Yours for €2,997

Total Value of Momentum 360°®: €23,000 Regular Price €7,500 Yours until April 23, 2024 for €6,500 for 6 Months Access
Two Ways to Join
Choose the level of support and accountability you need to start selling your online course and take your business to the next level
Sales Every Day
10-week step-by-step implementation program to help you start getting new getting leads every day so you can make sales every day. (Value €2,997)
Launch & Sell
10-week group coaching intensive with the in-depth support and accountability you need to repeatedly launch your online products and services to the right people. (Value €2,997)
Sales Accelerator
4-Week Intensive to help you sell without a launch, funnel or ads. Get the real results you've been craving without waiting months or years. (Value €997)
SOMBA Kickstart
10-week implementation and accountability program to help you create your first (or next) online course and scale your online business. (Value €2,997)

Facebook Ads Mastery Course (Value €1,997)


Expert Coaching Calls Every Week (Value €6,000)


Momentum 360°® Workshops and Masterclasses (Value €997)


Personalised Business Strategy (Value €1,500)


Mini Mastermind Groups with Accountability (Value €3,000)


Momentum 360°® Strategy Day in Zurich every six months (Value €997/day)


Momentum 360°® Private Facebook Community


Total Value of Sales Every Day:

Yours for €2,997

Total Value of Momentum 360°®: €23,000 Regular Price €7,500 Yours until April 23, 2024 for €6,500 for 6 Months Access
It's actually Sales Every Day that I wanted to join. But then I found out okay, Momentum’s got more than that inside. So if I just counted it all together it's so much more inside, that it's worth the value.

So I decided to join not only because of Sales Every Day, but because of all the other stuff that is inside Momentum.
Dagmar Cmorej, Communications Trainer for Parents, Momentum 360°®
If you’re reading the list thinking, “I think this is me! I want all of these things” but you’re hesitant about the investment, let me ask you this…
Let’s use Karolina, a pharmacist who gravitated early towards more natural remedies and medicinal plants as an example:
In her first funnel inside Sales Every Day she was able to get 6,767 signups for her freebies.

Then she sold her appetiser or low ticket program to them for €7.

She made 769 sales giving her a total of €5,383.

She then sold her starter online course for €100. She made 15 sales with that main course.

In total she made €6,883 for the 4 months she ran that funnel.

She created a second funnel since her business deals with plants and planting seasons.
But because Karolina learned the step-by-step process of creating a sales funnel, she was able to immediately create a 2nd funnel that brought in:
→ 4254 signups for freebie
→ 522 appetiser sales
→ 77 from her Kickstart course
For a total of €11,654.

When you add the results of both funnels together, that’s 333% ROI (based on the current investment for the course of €3,497 and since you’ll be learning the same information, process and strategy as Karolina)

But more importantly, she now has a repeatable system she can use every time she creates a new course or program that brings her new leads and new sales on repeat. And secondly, because her funnels are set up properly, she can focus on other things in her business.

As she puts it, “I just did the work once. That’s what I really love about funnels.”
And how much would it be worth to you if you had a system that brought in leads, made you sales and gave you the same ease Karolina experienced within months of using the Sales Every Day system?
While we can’t guarantee your results and that you’ll make sales every day, I can promise that you learn the step-by-step process used by our students to build a sustainable and effective sales funnel for their online course.

You’ll receive the same training and accountability that has helped students featured on this page bring in new leads to their funnel, grow their email lists and start making sales with their online course. You’ll also get access to the expert coaches who will guide you and support you as you build your funnel.

However, results do vary depending on the effort each student puts into the program, their niche, and their offers. Your situation is unique.

Also remember, that the system you build needs to be maintained, tweaked and optimised after you build it, just like maintaining your house.

You have to put in the work first to have a beautiful house that gives you joy every day.

Since you are reading this, it tells us you want to take action and implement what you learn. That’s why we have a strict no refunds policy inside our programs, including Sales Every Day. Instead we help you finish what you start with our unprecedented accountability.
If you already have a course gathering dust, this course will help you bring it to life. The support from Sigrun and her whole team was exceptional. They cheered me on and provided invaluable assistance during my challenging moments. I'm amazed that I've created a working funnel! However, this program offers much more than that. It pushes you out of your comfort zones and empowers you to take the next step in your business.
Sandra Newson, Sales Every Day 2023
A great step by step program for everyone who wants to set up a funnel that constantly brings in new leads. A program that not only teaches you how to do it but really makes things happen. Thanks for the great support, awesome community and amazing tech tutorials >> you’re truly amazing and made me fall in love with the technology of funnel setup.
Barbara Schweizer, Sales Every Day 2023
Now let’s talk about your questions

I have never used Facebook ads before, can I still join?

Absolutely, we’ll teach you how to use Facebook ads in the program so you can learn to do them yourself and also learn how to outsource them.

What do I need to join Sales Every Day?

You need an email list, online course, and a positive attitude. You’ll have a pre-built funnel ready for you inside SOMBA.io, our all-in-one marketing tool when you join. So you do not need to have a website to participate in Sales Every Day.

What if I’m not tech savvy, will I be able to build a sales funnel?

Yes! We’ve broken down each step so all you have to do is follow along. Every week, you’ll be able to join weekly tech calls to get your questions answered. You’ll also receive additional tech support to use SOMBA.io, our all-in-one marketing platform.

Many of our students come in worried about the tech but because of our hands-on support, they’re able to implement every step and build successful sales funnels for their courses.

What happens after Sales Every Day?

You’ll need to maintain your cash machine. You’ll learn how to keep on optimising and tweaking your system so you’ll enjoy it for months and years to come. But you need to be willing to maintain it yourself after the program finishes - you are welcome to join one of our other programs to keep going or do it on your own.

Will I be able to sell my course every day if I have not been able to sell it before?

There could be a number of reasons why you haven’t been able to sell before. Mismatched ideal clients, not giving your audience enough time to get to know you and build trust, having the wrong lead magnet to lead into your main offer and of course technical challenges. We’ll cover all of these things inside Sales Every Day and then you’ll learn how to bring the right type of traffic to your offer so you can start selling.

What if I don’t have an online course?

Sales Every Day is a proven system that helps you build a funnel to start selling your course every day. To be successful in Sales Every Day you should have at least an online course. Or if you don’t have an online course, you have a thriving online business, a group program or consistent 1:1 clients.

If you want to see if Sales Every Day can work for you, you can reach info@sigrun.com.

How much time do I need to invest into Sales Every Day?

It depends on your previous experience but at least two hours a day to get the best results. You are building a business and the more time you spend on building your business the bigger return you are going to see. Compared to SOMBA Kickstart this is less intensive but you still need to dedicate time to this program to see results.

Another way to think about it is this, the work you put into Sales Every Day now will allow you to have the freedom you need in the future. When you have a sales system that works for you, you could start making sales even when you’re away from your computer, on a vacation or sleeping. But you need to build a system first.

How long do I have access to the program?

The Sales Every Day program is 10 weeks long and therefore you have 10 weeks access to the private Facebook group, coaching and support. You’ll have 12 month access to the program on our teaching platform from the date of your purchase so you can go back and review after the 10 weeks are over.

Is there a refund policy?

All our programs are non-refundable, including the Sales Every Day program, because we believe that refundable programs attract the wrong ideal client, someone who might want to give up midway instead of racing to the finish line or someone who is just trying to copy us and isn’t planning on doing anything with the program.

Since you are reading this, you are our ideal client, and you are here because you want to take action and implement what you learn. That’s why we don’t do refunds - instead we are committed to helping you finish what you start with our unprecedented accountability.

Did I miss one of your questions?

I want to make sure you have everything you need to make the right decision for yourself. Send me an email to info@sigrun.com.

But since you’re here, that tells me that while other options tell you how “simple” it is to sell your course, they haven’t really given you a repeatable system that’s both simple and easy to implement.

So let’s do a quick comparison of your options and why joining Sales Every Day might be exactly what you’re looking for.
Other Options
Sales Every Day
Other Options
You’ll find a lot of gurus and experts talking about the importance of building your know-like-trust. They’ll show you examples of brands who have built their know-like-trust and how being “consistent” with how you talk about your brand is all you need.

But here’s the thing. It is rare that you find a sales program that teaches you how to position your offers and design your funnels so you automatically build the know-like-trust every time a new person is added to your list.
Sales Every Day
In 2024, it’s important to spend time building your like and trust factor before presenting your offer.

Inside the program, you’ll develop a customer journey that nurtures your audience so that by the time you present your main offer you’ve already built trust with them, making each sale easier (and improving your conversion rates)
Other Options
After pouring their heart into learning how to create a course and building one they love, many entrepreneurs forget to learn the most important part. How to sell it. 

While the process behind building a sales funnel is simple, it isn’t always easy. Especially on your own.

It’s no wonder why entrepreneurs who have had courses for awhile still sign up for Sales Every Day. They’re quick to share how overwhelming and intimidating creating a sales funnel can feel without the right guidance and a lack of accountability and implementation.
Sales Every Day
Accountability and expert coaches guiding you every step of the way during the weekly coaching calls, tech calls and even inside the private Facebook group.

Instead of getting stuck in your head, thinking about “how” to make your funnel work and losing momentum, you’ll be able to get your questions answered right away so you can keep on moving and complete each step within days and weeks rather than months.
Other Options
Trying to research all the steps, templates and guides you need to make a funnel work. You can learn how to do pretty much anything online. Need a template to write a sales page? Google it. Want to know what’s inside a sales funnel? Watch it on Youtube. Need help writing your Facebook ads? There’s probably a template to swipe. But bringing it all together so that it works for your online business and creates a sustainable sales system for you? Not so sure…

Plus with AI and tech constantly evolving, how do you know if what you’re learning online is still effective?
Sales Every Day
Quick implementations and with step-by-step modules, AI tools to help you save time, and tech calls every week.

Everything from figuring out what your audience really wants, mapping out your evergreen funnel, creating your “appetiser” program to setting up your first Facebook ads, everything is lined up inside Sales Every Day so all you have to do is follow along.

No extra steps to distract you from what you want (your very own cash machine and more sales notifications in your inbox). Just a clear process to follow to set up a sales funnel you can use over and over again.
Other Options
Going at it alone costs me 18 months in my business. Imagine what I could have done if I had those 18 months back?

It’s the same for you. Trying out different marketing strategies, second-guessing ideas and putting together a “sales” plan won’t just add to the overwhelm but it can make your progress slower. Like anything in life, doing on your own is possible. But it can be more expensive, more stressful and obviously slower than getting expert help.
Sales Every Day
You have coaches, mentors, fellow students and me in your corner. My team and I are committed to help you build your very own cash-generating machine. We don’t want to just teach you how to do it, we want to be there to cheer you on and celebrate you as you work through each module and successfully implement it.

With our weekly coaching calls, mentor calls, tech calls and community of committed students, you never have to feel like you’re on your own.
My achievements and learnings of ‘Sales every day' is amazing! When starting my own coaching and consulting business to support people to achieve their life dreams as early as possible in their life, I will now have my own sales funnel to sell my four week course ‘Ade Hamsterrad – hallo Lebenstraum! organically via my network and with FB ads from the start. This is more than I envisioned a couple of years ago and reassures me that you can achieve everything and much more in life that you dream off with the right support – thank you Sigrun and amazing team!
Ellen Roesner, Sales Every Day 2023
You’ve already invested time, resources and poured your heart into building a course. And that's already an amazing accomplishment. But I am sure you didn’t build that course to just collect dust. You were looking to build a business not learn another hobby!

Sales Every Day was made for online entrepreneurs like you. And it’s why I run the program every year…because it works despite the economy, AI and other things happening in the online space.

I truly believe online courses are the key to scaling your business and to stop trading time for money.

So the bottom line is this. Yes, you could figure things out on your own. You could continue to throw spaghetti on the wall and at some point you might get it right…

You just won’t know when that will be.

Or you could ask yourself, “What if in 10 weeks I could start making consistent sales from my course?”

I can still remember the first time I made a sale with my first course. It was like a switch turned on and I knew I was on the right path. That moment gave me the confidence to continue building my business. To continue to find more ways to help people with what I know.

I want you to have that feeling too.

And since I only run Sales Every Day live once a year, this is your opportunity to join the live coaching calls and go through the program with a cohort of like-minded individuals working towards the same goal…

So the only question left is, will this be “your” year to make it happen?
All the stuff that you taught in Sales Every Day, for me every lesson was like, ‘what is this? I never heard of this before, I would never come up with the idea myself” so thank you so much!’

I'm just following everything you say and it always works! So for me, this is something that I've never tried before and it's working so fantastically that it makes me more excited and not scared of things in business. So, for me, your programmes are a complete game-changer in my business.
Eva Lorenc, Pianist and Online Piano Course Creator
Today, Eva has made a staggering $250,000 in her online business.
Two Ways to Join
Get the accountability and support you need to start selling your online course and take your business to the next level
Total Value of Sales Every Day: €9,570

Yours for €3,497
Total Value of Momentum 360°®°: €23,000 Regular Price €7,500 Yours until April 23, 2024 for €6,500 for 6 Months Access
Two Ways to Join
Get the accountability and support you need to start selling your online course and take your business to the next level
Sales Every Day
10-week step-by-step implementation program to help you start getting new getting leads every day so you can make sales every day. (Value €2,997)
Launch & Sell
10-week group coaching intensive with the in-depth support and accountability you need to repeatedly launch your online products and services to the right people. (Value €2,997)
Sales Accelerator
4-Week Intensive to help you sell without a launch, funnel or ads. Get the real results you've been craving without waiting months or years. (Value €997)
SOMBA Kickstart
10-week implementation and accountability program to help you create your first (or next) online course and scale your online business. (Value €2,997)

Facebook Ads Mastery Course (Value €1,997)


Expert Coaching Calls Every Week (Value €6,000)


Momentum 360°® Workshops and Masterclasses (Value €997)


Personalised Business Strategy (Value €1,500)


Mini Mastermind Groups with Accountability (Value €3,000)


Momentum 360°® Strategy Day in Zurich every six months (Value €997/day)


Momentum 360°® Private Facebook Community


Total Value of Sales Every Day:

Yours for €2,997

Total Value of Momentum 360°®: €23,000 Regular Price €7,500 Yours until April 23, 2024 for €6,500 for 6 Months Access
Sales Every Day helps to make a funnel in a structured way and fast. Every step of the way was clear so I only needed to execute. This helps so much.
Linda Baart, Sales Every Day 2023
You’ve already done the hard part…
You’ve made the decision to build a future where you’re in control of your time, your finances, and your life
will take you one GIANT step closer to not only realising that dream but actually living it.

So if you’re ready to make the sounds of sale notifications a constant, predictable part of your life… then there’s really one thing left for you to do.
Even though we call our program Sales Every Day we cannot guarantee that our students will make sales every day. It takes time to set up the system we teach and therefore we cannot promise certain results within the duration of the program. Results will vary depending on the effort each student puts into the program, their niche, and their offers. And please note, that the system you build needs to be maintained, tweaked and optimized after you build it, just like you need to maintain a house. That’s when you’ll keep on having a beautiful house that gives you joy every day.
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