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The 7 Stages Profit Plan - fill in the blanks and create your profitable online business in less than 3 hours.
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A “fill in the blanks” Business Plan that works? (Yes, yes it does).
Client Situation
Copy that shows you understand the situation and how to solve it.

Point A: You know you need to make more money...

Point B: You want to be smart about where you invest...

Point C:

Point D:
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Course Value
Checklist of what the customer will get from the course/program/product.
  • Your vision, strategy and priorities to help you build a six and seven figure business that is profitable
  •  Your products and pricing strategy so you create the combination of products at the right price for your ideal client
  •  Your marketing and launch plan that allows you to map out your whole year and to know exactly when to do what 
  •  Your productivity principles to ensure you can work more efficiently and get you earning more and working less
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Course Content
Include copy about what you get in the course/program and bullet points.
Inside the course you’ll find:
  • Point A
  • Point B
  • Point C
During the course, we will: 
  • Point A
  •  Point B
  •  Point C

Start getting this feature of the course like never before...this course will show you how!
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So great! Love this program. 

Address Objections: 

Without profits, you won't stay in business long. Here's why planning your profits is vital!
Based on what you know about your ideal client, surveys, feedback. 

Point A

Point B

Point C

Point D
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Testimonial #1

So great! Love this program. 

Testimonial #2

So great! Love this program. 

Testimonial #3

So great! Love this program. 

Testimonial #4

So great! Love this program. 

Introduce Cost + Show Course Value

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Course Value:
A few sentences stating why you don't want to wait.

Refund Policy 
Clearly state what your guarantee (if you have one) is and what your refund policy is.
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Hi I'm Sigrun, creator of SOMBA and ....
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