Sigrun’s Online MBA
Mastermind Experience
for Online Entrepreneurs

SOMBA is currently closed.
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It’s never time, money or skills that stop you from achieving your dreams.

It’s the stories you tell yourself.

Now is your chance to create a new story.

Now is your chance to make your dream a reality.
For the past three years I’ve been itching to bring all my knowledge into a signature online course. Everyone had one, or so I felt, and I got the feeling I should have one too (be careful of comparisonitis!). I was very clear on what I didn’t want to create but less clear on what I wanted to create. So I only created smaller courses and focused on working 1-1 or in groups with my clients.

Seeing my clients successfully take off in their online businesses also made me believe that 1-1 mentoring was the only way. Then after running mastermind groups for 18 months, I realized that those were as helpful as 1-1 mentoring. And it wasn’t until all the Mastermind Group spots were sold out last week that I knew what my signature online course needed to be.

You see, it was there all along but I just didn’t see it as a signature online course. For the past three years I’ve helped my clients hone in on their niche, create online courses and membership sites, and have successful multiple five-figure launches. I’ve developed a system, a framework, formulas and step-by-step plans. And do you know where I’ve kept all of this knowledge? In my head!

Finally I realized it! THIS is my signature online course.
It’s a true 12-month MBA program for online entrepreneurs.
It’s for those who are serious about building a successful online business.
It’s the MBA program that I wish existed when I started out.
It’s everything I know and now I want to teach it all to you.

SOMBA is a 12-month mastermind experience designed to create
Your Best Year Yet.

It’s the MBA program I wished existed when I did my MBA.
It’s exactly what my clients have been asking me for.
It’s a mastermind experience with a curriculum.
It’s a program to make your dream a reality.

SOMBA has a 12-month curriculum to help you create your Lifestyle Business. 

It’s a one year program for service-based entrepreneurs who want to start, build, and grow a profitable online business from their passion. Key focus is on creating and launching online programs, ranging from 1-1 coaching programs to groups & mastermind programs, and online courses of all sizes. In addition we'll cover how to build an authentic and successful online business from A to Z (personal branding, planning, organising, budgeting, marketing, selling, scaling, speaking, team building, working on mindset etc.)

Why join: 
  • You finally want to make some real money in your online business
  • You feel like you have not been able to move forward on your own
  • You want to be around like-minded people and mastermind with them
Who this is for: 
  • You are an action-taker but you’ve haven’t been able to do it on your own
  • You’ve done some online courses but they’ve not helped you take off yet
  • You are ready to put in the work and succeed in your online business this year
SOMBA is currently closed.
Sign up to get updates and to be informed when it opens up again.
The program is ideal for you, if one of the following applies to you:
  • You want to have five (or six figure) launches with online courses or a group programs.
  • You want to bring your offline business online or do a combination of online & offline.
  • You want to be more visible and learn how to market yourself and your business
  • You want to systematise your business and start having some passive income
  • You want to learn how to have a consistent (multiple) five figure months
  • You want to create your lifestyle business, work less and earn more
  • You want to create Your Best Year Yet in life and business
How this works: 
  • Every month you get access to a new module which is a standalone video course with several videos from 10-20 minutes and additional worksheets and guides 
  • You watch the videos and study the guides and fill out the worksheets in your own time at your own pace
  • In the weekly office hours you have a chance to ask a question about the content or how it is best applied to your business
  • Once a month there is a 2-hour mastermind-like call where you can volunteer to be on the hot seat and we’ll help you with your business challenge
  • Plus you get support from all the other participants in the private Facebook group
Here's what you'll get:
  • 12-month curriculum to create your Lifestyle Business
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls with voluntary hot seats
  • Weekly office hour in our private Facebook group
By joining now you also get access to the following bonuses:
  • Six Figure Blueprint (brand new live workshop happening in February)
  • Passion-A-Thon (find your passion and business idea)
  • Master Facebook Ads  
  • Master Webinars
  • Master Emails
  • Your Best Year Yet workshop
  • Plus over 90 webinars on every topic for online entrepreneurs
SOMBA is currently closed.
Sign up to get updates and to be informed when it opens up again.

You really do over-deliver.

I’m really impressed by you, Sigrun. I’m really impressed by how you have great ideas. I like your directness, to the point. I feel like you really do over-deliver. I’ve been really impressed by everything that you’ve been offering so far. I’m signing up for the next mastermind group. That’s how worth it I think it was. -Selina Man Karlsson

Sigrun is very generous

You’re in the company of a mentor who knows what she’s talking about and who is very generous with her heart and with her wisdom and with her learning.
- Cherine Kurdi

Sigrun is part of my dream team!

Sigrun is a wonderful business coach and mastermind leader. She has the skills to help take your business to the next level. Sigrun holds you accountable to do what you say you are going to do -- and I admire that in a business leader. Sigrun is definitely part of my dream team! - Terra Bolhmann

Sigrun is a fantastic facilitator

Sigrun is a fantastic facilitator and coach. She will hold you accountable, keep you on track and remind you of what your bigger goals are. - Keri Williams

Sigrun is sharp

Sigrun is sharp and clear to help you align your vision with your goals, and at the same time she listens to your inner voice, respects and helps you project your truth. And she will give you the tools you need to make things happen. - Alicia Velazquez

Sigrun is just sent from heaven!

Sigrun is just sent from heaven! If you ever think of a coach for launching or online activities Sigrun is your #1 choice! If you’re thinking of an investment in the jungle of webinars, membership sites, and everything IT-ish - she will equip you with all the tools needed. - Kaja Otto

Sigrun is a great teacher

Sigrun is a great teacher, with an amazing positive attitude. She makes everything seem possible, easy and definitely achievable.  - Cristina Iacob
SOMBA is currently closed.
Sign up to get updates and to be informed when it opens up again.
What if I am already in one of your Mastermind Groups?
You’ll get full access to SOMBA. Currently you are already receiving some of the material that will be available in SOMBA and every month new material will be released.
What is the difference between the SOMBA and the Mastermind groups? 
Both the Mastermind Groups and SOMBA follow the same curriculum, the key difference is that in the Mastermind Groups you have two group calls a month and a dedicated hot seat once a month. SOMBA has a monthly mastermind call with voluntary hot seats.
What is the difference between SOMBA and LBA?
Lifestyle Business Academy is a membership site with access to over 90 training webinars and a few smaller courses and workshops. LBA does not include a step-by-step process or map on how to create a lifestyle business, that is what SOMBA does.
What if I've already purchased LBA?
Then you email support after you sign up and we'll extend your access based on the months you still have left.
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