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If Other People Can Build a Wildly Successful, Six- Figure Business, What’s Stopping You? 

Aren’t You BEYOND Ready to Call Your Own Shots, Create Your Own Schedule and Write Your Own Paycheck?
YOU know that you’re capable of building a business that will support your family and finance your dreams for years to come, but… to be honest, you’re a little (or a lot) afraid of failing.
What if There Was a Proven Framework That Could Launch You Past Your Biggest Dreams… 
Without ALL of the hidden pitfalls and DRAMA That Most Entrepreneurs Experience?
...That’s Why There’s SOMBA, The Online MBA.
You might scroll through your feed and notice yourself rolling your eyes in jealousy, seeing others succeed online and making six or even seven figures while you’re barely scraping by. It’s frustrating, right?

You’re wondering how they did it… what’s the secret!?... and how you can do it too.

You know something is missing. What in the heck is it?!

What if...
  •  You could get a step-by-step plan on how to build your online business
  •  You could get ongoing support for an entire year to implement what you learn
  •  You could get access to the latest in online marketing so you always stay ahead
Sound good? Keep reading... 

If you’re still with me, then you might be ready to take massive, focused action on the things that truly move your business forward. You can finally stop wasting your precious time on the wrong things (shiny object syndrome, anyone?)  
What you’ve likely been missing in your business is a proven success path to remove you from the nauseating, entrepreneurial roller coaster ride that you’re on right now.

We’re handing you the fuel to launch your dream lifestyle business (minus the distractions that are likely holding you back). 
Where are you in your business right now?
You don’t have an online business yet, but you have a business idea that you think might work (or maybe you don’t have a business idea yet), and you know that with the right support and accountability you could TURN YOUR PASSION INTO PROFITS and get more freedom to live the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of
You already have an offline business and you are still trading hours for dollars. You want to move away from selling your time to SELLING VALUE. You’ve realised that going online is your best option but you don’t know how how to take what you’ve already mastered, so that you can make the same kind of income or even more.
You want to create your first online course and ideally even SELL IT BEFORE YOU CREATE IT, but you keep on postponing because you don’t know where to start or how to find the time. You know you need a group of people who will support you, keep you accountable and won’t leave you hanging but you don’t know where to find them.
You’ve launched your online course at least once, but you were disappointed with the results (especially when you think of all the work that went into it). You wish you knew where to turn to find a proven checklist or formula, so you could really learn how to have a SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH MAKING FIVE OR EVEN SIX FIGURES like you’ve seen so many other do.
You’ve already got online programs but your business is stuck at a certain income level. You would really like to learn how to scale your business so that you can have a true lifestyle business. You're ready to learn all about evergreen sales funnels and the magic behind making real, passive income.
There are many reasons you might feel you can't move forward in your business. 

Maybe you feel like:

You can’t figure out how to keep clients coming in consistently and fall victim to the terrifying nosedives in income every other month.

You feel that unless something changes, you’re headed in the direction of burning out. You’re ready to start scaling your business - or at least, planning ahead for growth.

You often think that if only you could pick the brain of your favorite business woman, then you could figure out what you’re doing wrong – and fix it! 

You feel isolated, because well-meaning friends and family don’t have a clue about the challenges you face online.

You crave talking to someone who gets it – who’s launched successfully before and who’s willing to share her secrets and answer your questions whenever they arise

You’ve tried other courses and programs to help your online business, but you’re still not quite getting the results you’re looking for. You want something that is going to deliver on what it promises.
SOMBA is the answer...
SOMBA is a 12-month mastermind experience for online entrepreneurs that has everything you need to create a profitable online business.

SOMBA members have gone from struggling all alone and feeling scattered, to absolute focused growth by taking the right steps based on their stage of business.

SOMBA landed them the visibility and successful launches they needed to feel in control and more confident.
Katharina now has a six-figure online business.
“When I signed up with Sigrun for the first time, I was scared. I was scared to make the financial commitment because I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to easily pay my bills… scared because I’d never launched before. And I had to, because the course was ready.
I wanted to be around Sigrun’s successful spirit. I love clarity, straightforwardness and a no bull*** approach. So logically I admire Sigrun.
12 months later, I was launching my course for the fourth time. The total investment in my first mastermind paid off after only 4 weeks!
I'm now in Sigrun's VIP mastermind, not long ago something I wouldn’t have even seriously dreamt about.
Sigrun is a pro.
Sigrun is lovely.
Sigrun knows how to do business and stay authentic.
Sigrun inspires – through words AND actions.
Sigrun is my booster for success and worth every dollar.

Katharina Maier, Germany
Frau Maier

Katharina Maier is a stylist and joined Momentum Mastermind in August 2016, launched her first online course within a month and in June 2017 had her third launch making $50K in 5 weeks. She’s now in the VIP Mastermind 2018.
This is the only online MBA that offers the support and accountability you need to grow from having a passion to profiting, as an online business owner. 
Follow the exact step by step success path to go from where you are to where you want to be. Learn how to identify what your next step should be – so you can quit going in circles, and focus on the high impact tasks that get you the online success you've been craving. 
In fact…
I’ve been doing this long enough to know you might have some misconceptions about what it takes to build a profitable online business. 
I’m here to help you bust any myths in your head so you can start loving your online business instead of wondering why nothing seems to be working for you. 
You’re an Online Entrepreneur, 
So You Have to Go At It Alone
This community of action-focused entrepreneurs will be there to support, inspire and allow you to skip past the mistakes most entrepreneurs make. 
The 12 months of accountability in the community paired with my formula for execution is the secret ingredient to SOMBA’s magic, and the exact thing that’s been keeping you from implementing the other online courses and programs you might have done in the past. 
 “I have to create a course before I sell it.”
If you’ve been thinking this, no wonder you haven’t launched a course yet! Fact is, three years ago, I got an idea for an online program and sold it out within 9 days. It’s risky to create a course in the hope it’ll hit the spot and sell. 
What could you do instead? Start marketing your course, tweak the sales copy and use the feedback you get to create the course once people have already bought.
“A launch consists of one post or one email and everyone is supposed to buy what you’re offering.”
I know this myth all too well. Like so many others, I did this in the beginning and I quickly realized why this was a mistake. Instead of being disappointed, I learned to launch properly and went on to do a 5 figure launch, then a multiple 5 figure launch, and then a 6 figure launch. 
Everyone can learn to launch, it’s a mix of art and science, but with the right checklists and formulas anyone can have a successful launch.
 “You have to have special skills and character to be an online entrepreneur”
Too many think that online entrepreneurship is all about being tech savvy and being an extreme extrovert. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is way more important than any technical skills or characteristics is the mindset of an online entrepreneur. Those who set their mind to it, will succeed, with or without the technical skills. Plus, introverts are equally successful online entrepreneurs as extroverts.

No matter which myth has been stopping you from running a profitable online business, here’s my promise to you...
If you’re truly committed to taking action,
SOMBA will get you results!
Inside SOMBA, you’ll know you’re focusing on the right things, instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything on your list. Forget the fear and confusion, and take control of your life and business. 
Imagine moving forward fast, and finally experiencing that well-deserved sense of accomplishment. Check in with the SOMBA community, celebrate business milestones, and confidently take the next step to making your business wildly successful. 
I believe that everyone can make their dreams come true and build a true lifestyle business.
That’s Why I Created SOMBA…
This is not just another course, drowning you with piles of information. I won’t leave you on your own to figure out what you’re learning and what steps you need to take. 
In SOMBA, you'll move through 7 Stages of a Profitable Online Business paired with checklists, case studies and support.
I'm here to bridge the gap between proven online strategies and the support you need to execute what you learn in your own business. 
Whether you’re ready to make your first online sale or generate consistent 5 or 6 figures with online launches, you’ll find someone who can relate inside SOMBA… 
This is not just another course. It’s a mastermind-style program, with a course curriculum and focus on implementation – so you can quickly execute and scale from business idea to profit. 
Instead of telling you what to do... I’ll show you, through case studies from my own successful business and SOMBA students. No theory dumps, just proven strategies you can implement step by step, together with me and your fellow SOMBA members. 

Like a true MBA (and unlike other online courses) SOMBA’s curriculum is based on case studies. 

These case studies are based on my business and the businesses of clients I’ve helped in the past. So, real challenges, real solutions and real successes you can emulate.
This picture is my reminder that you can change your story. I went from sick, harassed and struggling to seven figures (my pictures look very different now!). It didn't happen overnight, and it wasn't always easy - but with this experience and my dreams to drive me, it did happen.
Katrin now has a multiple six-figure online business.
"I hadn’t launched with a plan before!"

Despite being successful in business already, Katrin had never launched with a plan before and as a result, her previous launches weren’t as successful as they could have been.

The first thing we did when we started to work together, was to create a one year plan with the 7 Stages Profit Plan. Next we planned her launches so she had a clear step by step process to follow.

Once she saw how all the pieces fit together she was able to follow her plan exactly and Katrin had her first six figure year and shortly afterwards a six-figure launch - even without the help of Facebook ads! In 2017 Katrin was able to double her revenue from the year before.

Katrin Hill, Germany

Katrin Hill is a Facebook Marketing Expert who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their Facebook reach organically without ads. She joined Accelerator Mastermind in August 2016 and is in the VIP Mastermind 2018.
Maria made her SOMBA investment back 26 times.
Our inaugural class in SOMBA wasn’t too long ago. Maria was one of the first to join (very smart!). As an interior designer who teaches room design, Maria already started her online business but wasn’t really making a lot of money yet.

She felt like she was working so hard to build her business online but her list only had about 1800 email addresses and her online revenue in 2016, before she joined SOMBA, was EUR 6000 (just over $7200 US).
Maria saw the offer for SOMBA, followed her gut and was one of the first people to recognize that SOMBA was exactly what she needed in her business, when she needed it.

She joined SOMBA on the very first day that the doors to the program opened. She watched the very first module and most importantly… got to work taking action.
She wanted to launch a new online course so she applied for a hot seat on the very first mastermind call and asked her questions.
With that action, Maria got all the help she needed. One short week later she launched, she sold 4 spots, making EUR 600 ($728 US). A year later she sold another 70 spots in this program.

But Maria didn’t stop there.

She ran a challenge, 1300 signed up. The second time she ran a challenge, 2300 signed up.
In 2016 she completed 4 launches using all of the lessons and support in SOMBA. She made 13 more sales, converting more than ever.
In 2017 she did 2 launches and made 44 sales and was ready to simplify her business and sell fewer programs.

Maria recently launched a membership site and signed up 150 members!
Maria’s results to date?

Her email list is 4700, up from 1800 in 2016 and her revenue is EUR 58,000, up from EUR 6000 in 2016!

Maria made her SOMBA investment back 26 times. I’ll repeat that - 26 times! And she isn’t done yet!

Are you ready to be my next success story? 

Maria Husch, Austria

Maria Husch, aka the Room and Space Expert, is a consultant who helps individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs discover and create space in their homes and offices to help them achieve their dreams, live happier, and be successful. 
I founded SOMBA on the idea that it takes a village of like-minded entrepreneurs to help reach your business goals and beyond – just like the students of SOMBA have done before you…
“Wow, Sigrun, module 1 is amazing! SOMBA is the exact missing piece I needed for my business roadmap. It’s actionable, it’s concise and soooo helpful! I feel I can apply the strategies and build my business now, step by step. Thank you. I feel blessed to be part of SOMBA’ s first class!”
Ariane Leanza Heinz, Switzerland
Artist coach, Vocal Coach & Speaker
Sigrun, I’ve just watched module 0 &1 and it is awesome! It gives the structure I was looking for!!! Before I signed in to SOMBA, I felt like a child in the fog. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Sigrun
Joanna Blein, Switzerland
Branding Coach & Consultant
If only this had been around when I was starting out…
After 4 master degrees (including an Executive MBA), over a decade being a successful CEO, I got sick. I found myself out of a job and on unemployment benefits. Time was running out and savings were dwindling…
I knew I wanted to start an online business, but I wasn’t sure about the business idea. I kept going in circles and was stuck in overthinking. The turning point? 
I started taking action. 
In fact, my first action was posting a blog post called “Why ‘Start Before You Are Ready’ Is The Only Way.”
Obviously, life isn’t a straight path, but I can honestly say that I’ve found a business recipe that gets results, and not just for me…

International Speaker and UNICEF Ambassador
Maria Husch, Austria
Interior Expert & Designer

Ariane Leanza Heinz, Switzerland
Artist coach, Vocal Coach & Speaker
SOMBA is exactly what my clients have been asking for…
I knew I had to put my knowledge into a signature online course. And after running masterminds for 2 years, I finally realized it! 
THIS is it: 
A True 12-Month MBA Program for Online Entrepreneurs Who Are SERIOUS About Building a Successful Online Business
Each month you’ll master a new aspect of your business following my proven 7 stages of a profitable online business and my 100K Framework. 
It’s designed to meet you at your stage in your business and help you go from business idea to earning multiple 5 or 6 figures (or more!) as an online business owner. It’s the most efficient way to end your ride on the income roller coaster, moving you from having to rely on private client work, to making money on demand with successful launches. 

Lisa Peek had her first five figure launch with a small list
Before Lisa Peek started working with me, she didn’t even have an email list! 

When she started her first launch, she’d managed to get 100 people on her list. By the time the cart opened, she had 350. 

Those don’t seem like big unachievable numbers, do they?

What if I told you that small list generated 18 spots into Lisa’s program, making her very first launch a five-figure success?

What Lisa learned is that it is possible to have a very successful launch even if you don’t have a following of thousands. 

Lisa Peek, Netherlands

Lisa Peek is a money and impact coach who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs play a bigger game and transform their mindset around money. She joined Accelerator Mastermind in April 2016 and is now in the VIP Mastermind 2018. 
“If you want to teach, to change minds or to cause action, a consistent curriculum is always better than a single event.” 
Seth Godin
Here Are The Topics We’ll Cover Inside Somba 
Over 12 Months…
Like a true MBA (and unlike other online courses) SOMBA’s curriculum is based on case studies. These are case studies based on my business and the businesses of clients I’ve helped in the past. So, real challenges, real solutions and real successes you can emulate.
Module 1
Stop wasting time, find out what you should focus on, and change your business in 30 days.
What you should focus on depends on what stage you’re in. Find out which of the 7 Stages of a Profitable Online business you’re in, and why that may be a different stage than you think. 
  •  7 Stages Checklist: Checklist for every stage on what you should focus on now 
Release Date: Immediate Access
Module 2
Add 1000 emails to your list in 30 days with the ultimate freebie.
Want to build your list? Get real life examples and create your ultimate list growing freebie. From summits to webinars, we’ve got you covered.
  • The Checklist Checklist: This ultimate checklist includes everything you need to know about building your own freebie checklist.
  •  The Virtual Summit Guide: Discover everything you need to know about running a virtual summit.
Release Date: January 31, 2018
Module 3
Create a passive income evergreen funnel in 30 days with a low priced product.
Making money in your sleep is every entrepreneur’s dream. Create your own evergreen funnel that delivers income every single month. We cover Facebook Ads to funnels and everything in between (including, landing pages, thank you pages, and even how to create a low priced product that sells!).
  • The Bark Funnel: The exact funnel that delivers my client $700 a month with a $200 investment.
  •  The 12-Days Funnel: Get the details of the funnel that I use to pay for my Facebook Ads when I launch my Mastermind Programs.
Release Date: February 28, 2018
Module 4
Create a 5-figure launch with a 5-day challenge in 30 days.
Go through the exact steps of creating a 5 day challenge where at the end, you make five figures or more. We dive into Facebook Ads, landing pages, thank you pages, Facebook groups, challenge content and your sales page.
  •  The Mindset Challenge: This challenge delivered my client 5 figures in her first launch.
  •  The Stylist Challenge: My client used this exact challenge to generate $50K in her third launch.
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: March 31, 2018
Module 5
Dive into a webinar launch without a challenge in 30 days.
Not up to a challenge? This module teaches you how to do a traditional webinar launch without the popular 5-7 day challenges, instead using other types of list building strategies before the main webinar.
  • The Webinar Checklist: Everything you need to know about setting up and running a webinar
  •  The Webinar Slides: Webinar slides that help you actually sell on your webinar
  •  The Webinar Launch Funnel: The exact strategy I've used to launch most of my programs and make $280K on my last launch
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: April 30, 2018
Module 6
Create your online course after you sell it in only 30 days.
You'll learn about structuring a course, lesson planning, video, worksheets and resources - all the key ingredients for a great online course. This module teaches you how easy it can be to create and set up an online course.
  • The  Course Checklist: What you need to include for a great course experience - plus all the tools you need to create and run your course.
  •  The Membership Checklist: Everything you need to know about creating and running a membership site
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: May 31, 2018
Module 7
Add Mastermind Programs to your portfolio in 30 days.
Create and sell out your own amazing mastermind program. We’ll cover Mastermind Days, Mastermind Retreats and the many levels of Mastermind Group programs, everything from beginners to VIP.
  •  The Mastermind Launch Formula: The complete blueprint on how to launch a mastermind program, from start to finish
  •  The Mastermind Retreat Formula: This checklist will take you through all of the steps to launch and run a successful retreat.
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: June 30, 2018
Module 8
Get more productive than you ever thought possible in less than 30 days.
We tend to overestimate what we can do in a day or a week but underestimate what we can do in a month or a year. You'll learn how to prioritise, stay focused and get more done than you ever thought possible by using proven strategies that work.
  • Productivity Guide: Your must-have guide to using tools and techniques to be more productive in less time.
  •  Productivity Worksheet: Get your priorities straight by using the productivity worksheet on a daily basis.
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: July 31, 2018
Module 9
Update your branding and create a new website in 30 days.
Learn how to brand or rebrand your business. This is about more than pretty graphics, but expressing your unique voice and position. You’ll learn how to give your website a makeover to reflect your business’s brand new look and feel.
  • The Branding Guide: Everything you need to know to brand yourself broken down to simple and easy steps.
  •  The Website Makeover Guide: A step-by-step guide to creating your own website from scratch
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: August 31, 2018
Module 10
Learn to write inspiring copy that converts and sells.
Want to know how to write inspiring emails that convert and sell? You'll learn to write not only great emails, but compelling opt-in and sales pages and improve the copy for other parts of your website like the Work with Me and About pages.
  •  The Email Writing Guide: The guide to writing inspiring email copy that sells - but still sounds like you
  •  The About Page recipe: A step-by-step guide on writing a compelling About Page
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: September 30, 2018
Module 11
Build a team that supports you in growing your business.
Ready to hire an assistant and build a team? Understand not only why you need to hire help, but what a virtual assistant can do for you. Learn how to delegate and build a team that really helps you succeed.
  • The VA Checklist: Everything you need to know to hire the right VA for your business
  •  The BEST Team Guide: The guide to putting together an amazing team that helps your business grow
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: October 31, 2018
Module 12
Build an authority in your niche with speaking and writing.
Why speaking and/or writing can help you to build an authority in your niche. We'll look at how to write a book, how to develop a signature talk, and (most importantly) how to become known in your field.
  • How to write a book: The best practices from my clients on how to write your first (or second) book.
  •  How to land a TEDx talk: My process for landing and rocking a TEDx talk.
*Note that resources can change
Release Date: November 30, 2018
Here’s How You’ll Implement What You Learn…
Convenient Online Training
Learn at Your Pace from the Comfort of Your Home
Each month you’ll get access to a new module online, which is a standalone course containing comprehensive video content with worksheets and guides. Over the weeks that follow, you’ll watch the videos, study the guides and fill out the worksheets – in your own time, at your own pace.

Weekly Office Hours
Ask Sigrun Your Questions Every Single Week
Share your questions with Sigrun and she’ll answer in a Facebook Live inside the group. These questions can be about any module or anything in your business!
Executive On Air Coaching
Get 20 Minutes of Coaching With Sigrun
Would you like to be featured on Sigrun’s podcast? Get on-air coaching with Sigrun that not only helps you, but gets your business valuable exposure. This opportunity is available exclusively by application and only to SOMBA members.
Monthly Mastermind Calls
Your Chance to be in the Hot Seat
Every month, you’ll have the chance to apply and be in the hot seat on our monthly mastermind call. Get valuable insight from your peers and get my eyes on your business!
Monthly Masterclasses
The Latest in Online Marketing
Every month, you’ll have the chance to apply and be in the hot seat on our monthly mastermind call. Get valuable insight from your peers and get my eyes on your business!
24/7 Peer Support
Your Private Facebook Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
Would you like to be surrounded by people who get what it takes to build a business 24/7? Get access to a private member-driven Facebook group where you can get your questions answered when you need support. The main SOMBA group is in English but there are also additional member-driven support groups in Dutch, German, Polish and Icelandic.

Brand New SOMBA Masterclasses include:
More 1-1 Clients Masterclass
It's hard to get started. In this masterclass, I'll give you the step-by-step process to getting your very first client.

Facebook Ads Masterclass
Outsourcing Facebook Ads is expensive. In this bonus module, I'll teach you how to create, run and manage your own Facebook Ads.
Messenger Bots Masterclass
Facebook is always evolving, and the latest thing is Messenger Bots. In this bonus module, you'll learn how to setup your first bot with Facebook Messenger.
Zoom Webinar Masterclass
I use Zoom for 1-1 meetings, mastermind calls, webinars and for going live on Facebook. I teach you how to use this powerful tool that you can even start to use for free.
Your SOMBA Bonus Library Includes...
7 Stages Profit Plan 
Create your profitable online business plan in less than 3 hours.
Valued at $197 
It’s more than just a plan, it’s a recorded workshop, preparation mini-course, workbook, and a budget sheet - all in one. It's the best way I know to plan your profitable online business and the method I use every year to plan my year. You also get access to the LIVE version which is held every November.
Find your true passion and the right business idea in less than 30 days
Valued at $497 
Hundreds of entrepreneurs have found their true passion and the right business idea with this course. Within 4 weeks, you’ll determine what business idea to move forward with and get clarity on the direction of your business. If you are unsure about your business or business idea this is the place to start when you join SOMBA.
Access to the Lifestyle Business Library 
More than 100 Webinars to accelerate your online business.  
Valued at $497
All the resources you need to grow your online business. The webinars include topics like Facebook Ads, sales funnels, launching, masterminding, mindset and so much more. With over 100 webinars you'll find answers to all your online business questions.
PLUS, SOMBA Bonuses Taught by 
 Special Guest Experts 
Style Confidence with FRAU MAIER
Valued at $497
Katharina Maier is the go to person when it comes to wearing your style with confidence. She believes that every woman has her own textile uniqueness. In this workshop she will show that you can stay yourself even in business style and why it's important for you, your success, your authenticity to do so.
The 4 Essential Pillars of Podcasting with Pepa Cobos
Valued at $497
Pepa Cobos is a successful podcaster in Spain where she has been number one several times on iTunes’ most downloaded list. In this workshop she will talk about the four essential steps to have your own podcast: plan, create, launch and promote and how each of them is important to achieve final success and stand out in a crowded market.
Mindful Business with Hunter Clarke-Fields
Valued at $497

Hunter Clarke-Fields is a mindful parenting mentor, author and podcaster. She helps women transform anxiety, stress and worry into becoming more present, grounded, and calm. Through her work as a parenting mentor she has agreed to dive into the topic of how to become more mindful was we are building our successful businesses. Hunter was in Accelerator Mastermind last year and took her business from $30K to six figures.
Profit from Facebook Groups with Caitlin Bacher 
Valued at $497
Caitlin is the creator of the Fab Facebook Group System and will show you in a 60-minute workshop how to get more clients and customers from your Facebook group in just 30 days.
5 Day Challenges with Zach Spuckler 
Valued at $497
Zach is a master at showing you how to create 5-Figure Challenges and flip them into a 5-figure launch. In this workshop he’ll show that you too can launch and profit from challenges.
Facebook Ads Workshop with Rick Mulready
Valued at $497
Rick will teach you how to create highly converting Facebook ads so you get more leads for your investment.
6 Figure Sales Page Blueprint with Sarah Grear 
Valued at $497
Sarah will show you how to create copy for your sales page that converts in your first (or next) launch.
Design a Room that Fuels Your Success with Maria Husch
Valued at $250
Maria will show you super easy and successful tips to design a room that can build up your confidence, display your goals, and fuel your money flow.
Position yourself as an expert for more success with Martina Fuchs
Valued at $250
Martina will show you how you can carve out a niche for yourself and be recognised as an industry expert with the knowledge and experience you already have.
Powerful Profitable Presentations with Jeanet Bathoorn 
Valued at $250
Learn how to build an online webinar presentation with Jeanet so it converts potential leads into paying customers. 
Creating Digital Content with Confidence with Joanne Sweeney-Burke 
Valued at $250
Joanne will show you how to create social, search- and storytelling-friendly content that attracts new leads and converts them into clients. 
Organic Facebook Marketing with Katrin Hill
Valued at $250
As a Facebook marketing expert, Katrin will show you how to grow your reach and following on Facebook without using Facebook ads.
Those of you who pay in full can add our live event to your calendar NOW!
SIGRUN LIVE – Zurich, Switzerland - $497 Value

Online business is great but what makes it even better is to meet the people from your SOMBA community face to face for a day.

Reserve the date in your calendar now “SIGRUN LIVE - Zurich, September 29th, 2018,” and get excited about spending a day with me and all your new friends from SOMBA. SOMBA Day at SIGRUN LIVE is all about mindset. Mindset is key to success in life and business and we'll be diving into the topic together with our guest speakers who all come from the SOMBA community.

SIGRUN LIVE is all about community, connection and collaboration so you'll get to know other SOMBA members throughout the day and make new friends for life. You'll also have a mastermind session to work on your biggest business challenge. By showing up for the day you'll make connections that help you grow your in your life and business.

You'll walk away feeling inspired to think big and take action in 2018!

When you sign up before enrollment closes you’ll get access 
to the bonuses at no extra cost.

“Imagine finding a completely new and international entrepreneurial family.”

“The togetherness, the vibe, the talks... With only good vibes, growth mindset, honesty and a sense of belonging. That is what Sigrun LIVE is all about.”
Jeanet Bathoorn

“Meeting in person made a huge difference!”

“I decided to join Sigrun's mastermind group for the 3rd year in a row after attending SIGRUN LIVE. Why? Because I believe in her and the community she has built. It's an amazing group of women who have both passion and purpose. These are the people I want to be masterminding with...”
Selina Man Karlsson

“Sigrun has a way of bringing people and ideas together... ”

“Sigrun live gave me a kick-ass to stay on the right track and put all my effort in my online business. The contact with Sigrun herself and the attendees was super and inspiring.”
Ingrid Huskens-Hermens

“I felt completely in love with this event.”

“With Sigrun and Martin, all the women, Zürich and when I came back my eyes were sparkling like I have found a new romance. People were asking me:"did you lose your heart?”
Eva Lueg

“It was a great joy.”

“This was a wonderful coming together of inspired women who want to take their business to the next level. The connecting made new friends, got to know and deepen relationships with those I already knew but had not met.”
Judy Rafat

“Two of the best days of this year!”

“It was total immersion in a phenomenal group of passion driven women on a mission to build their business, create a change in the world and earn good money doing it! Each one of them open, supportive, creative, and energized to help each other take our businesses to the next level. Everyone had breakthroughs - I know I did!”
Lisa Peek

“Sigrun lives what she talks!” 

“Her helpful behaviour animates all, to take this chance for themselves and as a spirit for the whole community. Asking for reflection and help is my task and I do it. And I always get great help! Since I have booked SOMBA I didn't feel alone any more on my way to online business. I often struggled in the past working alone. A great thank you!”
Ute Straub

“I knew beforehand that Sigrun live was going to be a wonderful event.”

“And she exceeded my expectations with it! Her generosity made this event very special: Sharing the stage with some of her VIP clients, giving us space to network and meet each other while providing great value by taking the leadership was very inspiring. I'm already looking forward to the next Sigrun live!”
Julia Gruber
Say YES today! Registration will only be open until January 17th, 2018
Joining a full mastermind at this level could cost you between $10,000 to $25,000/year… 
You could easily spend that same amount of money on buying courses that provide you with a partial solution… 
Or you could hire a business coach, but you’d lack the community you need to stick with it and draw on whenever you have questions….
SOMBA is your most affordable combination of masterminding paired with a course curriculum tailored to your stage in business.

You'll get:
  • A 12-month curriculum to build your profitable online business
  • Step-by-step guides and checklist for each module
  • Monthly Mastermind calls with application-based hot seats
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Weekly office hours (ask-me-anything Facebook Lives)
  • Access to the SOMBA private Facebook group for 24/7 peer support
  • SOMBA bonuses incl. access to 100 Business Building Webinars
You'll get:
  • A 12-month curriculum to build your profitable online business
  • Step-by-step guides and checklist for each module
  • Monthly Mastermind calls with application-based hot seats
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Weekly office hours (ask-me-anything Facebook Lives)
  • Access to the SOMBA private Facebook group for 24/7 peer support
  • SOMBA bonuses incl. access to 100 Business Building Webinars
  • PLUS a ticket to the Live Event in Zurich, Switzerland (value $497)
Here’s what happens the moment you sign up…
1. You’ll fill out an intake form so I can get to know you and understand what you need most help with.

2. You get immediate access to the SOMBA membership site where you can dive into the first modules.

3. You’ll get access to SOMBA’s private Facebook group immediately, where you can start connecting with your SOMBA peers TODAY, get answers to your burning questions and network with them.
Sign up before enrollment closes, and get access to all the bonuses for no extra cost, AND… if you pay in full you get a personal invite to join me in Zurich on January 27th 2018, where we’ll spend the day Masterminding as a group - giving you that in-person buzz and the fresh insights you can use to reach the next stage in your business. 
The Mastermind Group will give you the encouragement, the accountability and as well the resources for you to keep moving forward. It’s a great way to remain fired up, to remain focused and to feel that you’re supported and that you’re in the company of a mentor who knows what she’s talking about and who is very generous with her heart and with her wisdom and with her learning. And Sigrun is very versatile as well in supporting us on our journey. The Mastermind Group will allow you to feel that you’re not alone on your entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll feel energized because you’ll move from thinking too much to actually taking action which is the whole point. You’re growing faster than doing it on your own.

Cherine Kurdi, Lebanon
Transformational Coach
It’s been a really great experience. I think one of the best things is to get to know all the other women in the group and they’re so inspiring, it’s really incredible. They always push you to do better, they’re always there to help you if you have questions or if you have doubts. I’m really happy.

I really love your feedback, Sigrun. You’re really good at answering questions and also keeping us on our toes. I really appreciate that because you always need fresh eyes and you have so much experience, it’s really valuable to get your feedback.

It’s so helpful to be in a group with other women who are going through the same things. They can understand when you have setbacks and they can also help you celebrate when you have successes... It’s really valuable to be a part of a group like this. I definitely recommend it.

Sif Traustadóttir Rossi, Italy
I was looking for a Mastermind group so I asked around and a lot of people said “let’s make a mastermind together” but I really wanted to be in a group where someone had the lead. I wanted someone who could catch me if I fall and who would follow me so I wouldn’t be all alone. I needed an extra pair of experienced eyes. It’s going above expected. 

The reason I wanted to be in your Mastermind group was because you’re European and trekking all over the world and you work an international group of women. You have this nice and radiant personality and I thought “I want to have what she has.” That’s why I signed up.

I’m not the easiest to be coached. I think it’s hard to coach me. I knew I needed someone who was way further down the path than I was. 

The Mastermind group is a lot of love. It is a gift to yourself. Someone’s holding your hand and tells you “okay now sit down, look at what you’ve done until now.” It’s both looking at what you’ve done until now and laying out a plan. I know what I’m going to do next month. I’ve never done this before. You lay down a structure for you business and for your own life.

Personal Branding Coach & Soul Whisperer
SOMBA is a 12-month mastermind experience with a curriculum and therefore no refund can be offered.
SOMBA is like any other MBA programme - an investment into your future AND as such refunds aren’t available.
Refund Policy
SOMBA is a 12-month mastermind experience with a curriculum and therefore no refund can be offered. 

SOMBA is like any other MBA program - an investment in your future AND as such refunds aren’t available.
Got questions? I've got answers for you...
SOMBA is ABSOLUTELY for you if:
SOMBA is NOT right for you if:
SOMBA is ABSOLUTELY for you if:
SOMBA is NOT right for you if:
Just give yourself a minute to feel what it would be like before and after you join SOMBA…
Before: You might spend way too much time scrolling through Facebook groups, hoping for support with your business struggles.
AFTER: You’d get direct and focused support based on your stage of business inside of SOMBA with mastermind-style feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs…

BEFORE: You might overthink every choice you make, and your business will grind to a halt because you can’t decide on the smallest details like font or colors for your website…
AFTER: You stop feeling like you’re wandering aimlessly each day, on your own, figuring it all out. Instead, you’ll form relationships with other driven online entrepreneurs that not only get where you’re at but they can tell you what mistakes they made so you can skip right past them.
It feels great, right?
Suzy Ashworth, United Kingdom
Mindset & Marketing Mentor, Calm Birth Educator, Author
Karen Kurzmeyer, Switzerland 
Private yoga teacher for busy professionals 
Don’t Wait… Invest in Yourself NOW.
Say YES today! Registration closes in:
Value of the Curriculum Trainings: $6000
 Value of Weekly Office Hours: $5000
 Value of Monthly Hot Seat Sessions: $3000
 Value of all Bonuses: $5920
TOTAL VALUE: $19,920
YOUR INVESTMENT: 6 payments of $397, or 1 payment of $2000

You'll get:
  • A 12-month curriculum to build your profitable online business
  • Step-by-step guides and checklist for each module
  • Monthly Mastermind calls with application-based hot seats
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Weekly office hours (ask-me-anything Facebook Lives)
  • Access to the SOMBA private Facebook group for 24/7 peer support
  • SOMBA bonuses incl. access to 100 Business Building Webinars

You'll get:
  • A 12-month curriculum to build your profitable online business
  • Step-by-step guides and checklist for each module
  • Monthly Mastermind calls with application-based hot seats
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Weekly office hours (ask-me-anything Facebook Lives)
  • Access to the SOMBA private Facebook group for 24/7 peer support
  • SOMBA bonuses incl. access to 100 Business Building Webinars
  • PLUS a ticket to the Live Event in Zurich, Switzerland (value $497)
Don’t Wait for The Next Registration Window — the Price Will Go Up!
When you sign up before enrollment closes you’ll get access to the bonuses at no extra cost. 
If you’ve got a question about SOMBA, just send me an email and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. 
I’ve coached, consulted and advised thousands of online business owners on anything from tech questions to how to put together 5 and 6-figure launches. Personal feedback from me is worth it’s price in online gold!
Here’s to making your dream business a reality! 
P.S. SOMBA will provide you with a wealth of essential business trainings. You'll also be surrounded with a community of entrepreneurs that share your drive and desire for freedom – that’ll give you the motivation and accountability you need to succeed. 
P.P.S. If you’re ready to reach the next level in ALL aspects of your business, and feel empowered by keeping your business practices on the cutting edge, there’s no better program than SOMBA. Enroll now
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