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SOMBA is currently closed for enrollment.
Get on the special priority list now to get early enrollment and special offers the next time we open the doors.

You’ll also get strategies, advice, and support to make your dreams of a successful growth-focused online business a reality.
See what SOMBA members have accomplished!
SOMBA is currently closed for enrolment.
Get on the special priority list now to get early enrollment and special offers the next time we open the doors. 
You’ll also get strategies, advice, and support to make your dreams of a successful growth-focused online business a reality.
See what SOMBA members have accomplished!
How my first webinar had 80% show up rate & 7.7% conversion 
with Kasia Krasucka
From zero to my first five figure month in just six months 
with Anke Beeren
How I doubled my income in one year
with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg
How I had a 23K launch within 2 months
with Merilyn Beretta

When You Become a Member of SOMBA, You Are Part of an Amazing Community of Women Creating and Building Their Online Businesses

2019 was everything but the year to start any kind of a business. After a very tough pregnancy and the birth of our fourth child, in february, I could just have enjoyed motherhood. But there was always some restlessness working in me. I dreamt of being an entrepreneur since childhood. But one of my stories of life is the struggle of asking for help, for support. I always thought that I would have to do all on my own. But with the need to getting support during pregnancy I made the experience that being weak and vulnerable makes me even stronger. At that point I decided to invest in myself. To ask for support. By chance, I participated in courses of SOMBA Summer School and I was deeply impressed by the spirit in these groups - and I decided to join SOMBA. I have been thrilled for hours after pressing the button to enter the program. The time can not be better. Talk is cheap. If I want to be a role model for my kids, I have to do the work.
I did the kickstart with 78 participants starting from I am so proud of what I did with four small kids. Everything is possible. And in SOMBA I am not alone.

SOMBA gives me the insights you don't have in other programs. Thanks to SOMBA Summer School we had accountability, which is really necessary for me. I like working on deadlines. This gives me energy.

-Julia Mack-Amanatidis
I started my 2019 with a big dream. Of doubling my income to be financially free. I trusted in myself because of my experiences with SOMBA in 2018 and Made my Budget planning with you dear Sigrun. Everytime I doubted I remembered my big successes of 2018 when I doubled my income. And I remembered my biggest dream and vision. I never stopped taking action. I was totally committed with my work and- what can I say - I finally Made it. 60000 Euro revenue. I am so grateful and happy and now I created the life I was dreaming of for years. Thank you so much for giving me the knowhow and the self confidence to make that happen 😊🙏🏼💫

-Claudia Homberg
Joining Somba helped me to unstuck myself and develop an entrepreneur's mindset (ongoing process ;-) ) I learnt to overcome perfectionism and take action - it was the power of my decision: I decided to do it and trust the process. So I restarted straight away with my first online course. I was so enthusiastic that i decided to join Momentum right away. In 6 months I managed to get a solid income - a mixture of online and offline business. Taking consistent action also resulted in being able to finalize & legalize the beautiful home I am living in. So SOMBA (& Momentum) for me is literally combined with a solid base, I am building my life on. I feel like being in a field of trust and in a community that helps me to develop my business and lifestyle I want to have.

-Christina Teuthorn-Mohr
In august 2019 I reached nearly 20.000€ with the second launch of my signature program. Before this I wish this could be possible, but deep in my heart there was always the fear to fail, because in my business as a trainer for humans with dogs it is absolutely rare to reach this online or offline. The sentence of Sigrun "trust the process" was burned into my brain, heart and soul and so I invested in ads and so on and reached my goal. After this breakthrough I'm much more confident in my online business, I know my value better and I'm launching at this moment the course a third time with the goal of 100k. I know it will happen because I trust the process. All of SOMBA helped me. The group program, the facebook group and Sigrun LIVE! Now I believe that all my dreams can be true.

-Tina Schwarz
Without SOMBA, the clear structure and sprints like SOMBA Summer School I would not have an online coaching business today. I would not have an entrepreneur mindset. Sigrun’s guidance and mentoring is gold, red and bold to push you over your limits. Finally I would never have admitted that two businesses are too much and I never would have taken this decision. Backwards I see that you really helped me to break free from something which was not serving me. And this is deep. Thank you so much for everything so far!!!

-Anna Rischke
Being a member of SOMBA feels like having a business family online. You get rock solid strategies combined with a strong, driven and joyful community, the best you can join. SOMBA provides a proven framework – you benefit from SOMBA at any stage of your business. 

Sigrun Live – meeting personally once a year – is definitely one of my top three benefits, it's the cherry on the cake. Having an online business can sometimes feel lonely, but not when you're a member of SOMBA.

-Romana Handler
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