Sigrun Sparks gives you a daily inspiration in your flash briefing with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Home.

Every day there is a new Spark to get your day started right as you continue creating your lifestyle business.

See below for how to add Sigrun Sparks to your flash briefings.
Open the Amazon Alexa app, go to the menu and go to Settings, then select “Flash Briefings”.Click on “Get more Flash Briefing Content”. Search “Sigrun Sparks” under “Business,” then select it and enable it.

Once it’s been enabled, you can get the flash briefing by simply saying “Alexa, add Sigrun Sparks to my flash briefings”

Click here for Amazon’s instructions.
Open the settings of your Google Home app and tap “More Settings.” Then, under “Services,” tap “News.” Under News, you’ll find an option for “Add news sources.” Then find “Sigrun Sparks” and tap the checkmark to add it.

After you’re done, simply say “Hey Google, play the latest news from Sigrun Sparks.”

Click here for Google’s instructions.
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