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Be Inspired. Think Big. Take Action.

Inspiring Speaker

Sigrun is an inspiring speaker and fantastic story teller with the unique ability to inspire any audience to think big and take action.

My Why

I was brought up in the belief I could do anything I wanted.
16 years old, women started to tell me that they couldn't follow their dreams. I decided not to accept their stories and without realising it, I had found my why.

Today it is my mission to be an inspiration to women all over the world:

  • To follow their dreams
  • To create profitable lifestyle businesses
  • To embrace the path of online entrepreneurship


With her vast and varied background Sigrun speaks on a range of topics:

  • How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Online Business
  • Turning Your Passion Into Profits
  • Mindset, Marketing & Masterminds
  • Her Signature Talk is: Be Inspired. Think Big. Talk Action.


  • Writing her first story at the age of six
  • Starting to work at the age of 10
  • Creating her first vision at the age of 11
  • Leaving her home country at the age of 20
  • Using determination to get what she wants
  • Getting a CEO job without any qualifications
  • Turning around loss-making companies
  • Growing businesses with a clear vision
  • Declining a CEO job to follow her dreams
  • Building a lifestyle business in one year
  • Using webinars to reach a world-wide audience


“You take something that we overcomplicate far too much and distill it into the perfect recipe. Excited to see where the bold action of telling your story takes you next.”

” I love your boldness and courage to go after your dreams and passion. You're such an inspiration. “

“I am setting up my biz and I am facing challenges, your talk has been truly inspirational. Thank you!”


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Watch Sigrun's TEDx Talk

Sigrun's TEDx Talk – Be Inspired. Think Big. Take Action. – has been viewed over 32,000 times and has unanimously outstanding reviews. Based on her talk, she's been invited to speak at numerous events around the world.


Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship. She is an award winning business coach, international speaker, bestselling author and host of the highly rated Sigrun Show podcast. She’s been called the leading business mentor for online entrepreneurs in Europe. Originally from Iceland, she spent half her life outside her home country; studying and working in Germany, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Sigrun was always drawn to leadership roles, so despite having zero business background nor the education, she made a life-changing phone call and asked to become the CEO of a software company shortly after finishing her master’s degree in architecture – and she got the job! 

Ten years, another three master’s degrees, and several CEO roles later, Sigrun found herself in Switzerland with her newfound love but sick and unemployable. Her dream was to be location independent so she could split her time between Iceland and Switzerland, travel the world, and take care of her health.

So in 2014, Sigrun started her online business and quickly built a multiple 7 figure coaching business. Now she’s generated over $10M in revenue and helped over 5000 women from all over the world start and scale their online businesses to 6 and 7 figures with her tough love and no-nonsense-approach to business and life.

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