Join the fiercely inspirational, international gathering pot of ambitious women in online business

How would you like to carry the energy and vibe of 12 Days of Masterclasses with you all throughout 2023?

Would you like the regular inspiration to take action in your online business?

Would you like to be a founding member of what I believe will be the greatest membership community on the internet?

There are memberships. There are tribes. There are subscriptions.

But most follow the same old format… bundles and bundles of videos, courses and templates that sound exciting but you never quite get around to using.

If you’ve ever joined one, you’ve probably experienced this… somewhere at the bottom of your inbox sits the email with that membership or course login details, and whenever you scroll down you feel a pang of guilt that you haven’t yet used it yet.

I know, I’ve done the research, I’ve joined (and left).

It’s Time To Change The Way We Do Memberships!

So my goal in creating the SOMBA CLUB is something fresh.

Something that hasn’t been seen or done before.


Join the fiercely inspirational, international gathering pot of ambitious women in online business AND YOUR NEW HOME ON THE INTERNET!


The reason why so many women fail to bring their dreams alive is because they try and do it alone.

Girls… we need each other.
To cheer… not compete.

So my focus in the SOMBA CLUB isn’t more and more and more content… My primary goal is ENERGY!

A place to connect with like-minded people just like you!
A place to make friends.
A place to dip into when you are feeling a bit blah!
And a place to celebrate - where people ‘get’ you.
A place to remind you of how awesome your dreams are!

A place that will knock your socks off with inspiration, high energy, support and connectivity.

It’s for women who love to take massive action, but believe in lifestyle first, business second. People who know the power, influence and impact that financial freedom can bring for women.

This membership is not one of those overwhelming libraries of endless videos. It is a space for you to be energised. See below for all the incredible details.

But Hang On A Sec... What The Heck is ‘SOMBA’... A Kind of Dance?

SOMBA - Seriously Obvious Marketing Business Acumen?

SOMBA - Santa’s Only Mission Beyond Antartica?

SOMBA - Sigrun’s Official Membership is Beyond Awesome?


Here’s something I wrote years ago…

“I wanted to create an education that was better than the MBA I had done at London Business School. There had been no teaching about entrepreneurship during my MBA. And specifically, I wanted female entrepreneurs to learn how to run an online business. So Sigrun’s Online MBA, a.k.a. SOMBA was born. My webinars became my online library on entrepreneurship. They contained everything on how to run a successful online business: How to create an online course, how to launch, how to sell online, how to market, how to build a team, how to do copywriting... everything”.

My SOMBA CLUB goal is one step on from that initial dream… to give you access to the exact ingredients I used to grow my business from zero to over 12 million dollars.

AND… to add the magic of the collective, energetic power of a crowd of women motivated to change the world.

What's The Club Vibe?
(aka what's inside?)

SOMBA CLUB is a… club! That means there are various 'rooms' you can wander through, or stay a while.
Places for quiet chats, noisy and motivational gatherings, solo study, celebration and sharing.

Monthly Live Masterclasses

Attend a live masterclass with me and guest experts. Hot topics, trends and how-to’s of building a multi-million dollar online business plus a chance to ask questions.

Monthly Live Co-Working Cafes

Come and join in a co-working session - a facilitated space where you can focus, be productive, tackle work together and implement what is taught on the live masterclass.

International Community

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from all around Europe and beyond. All motivated to support each other, troubleshoot together, share wins and questions.

Somba Club Mentors

You will also have access to the SOMBA CLUB Mentors in the group who will answer your questions or guide you to a relevant class

Easy To Use App

Access all the masterclasses on your phone via our Kajabi App - for an easy-to-view or listen mobile experience, just like an app.

 Bonus: 100+ Masterclasses

Resources to help you build your online business - think of it as a reference library - not a bunch of overwhelming courses you never finish!

 Bonus: Planning Workshop

Members also get free access to my annual paid Planning Workshop.

 Bonus: Exclusive Invitations & Member Discounts

Get special or early access to workshops, cohorts and live events at member only pricing.


I LOVE rooftop bars. So what better idea than to meet me for ‘happy hour’ at my virtual bar! This bonus is a virtual date with me once a month where I’ll share stories and inspiration from my business and life.

…plus a few surprises and delights along the way!

Oh, you can’t NOT read this bit…


Join now and you’ll not only get to join at a special founders price of $497 (one year subscription), but you’ll also get to keep that price forever, for as long as you remain a member.

Sigrun's Online Business MBA


The Not-So-Secret Agenda

I am known for one thing (besides loving red and being from Iceland)...  INSPIRING YOU TO TAKE ACTION.
And my personal success formula is built upon three pillars.
Focus on these and you will leap, as I did, from ZERO TO SUCCESS.

These three pillars are the foundation of SOMBA CLUB.


Attract Your Fans

With a eager-to-buy email list and magnetic online presence.


Grow Your Sales

With online programs that leverage your income & free your time.


Expand Your Impact

With strategies that scale your reach and revenue.


Between Live calls, whenever you need a boost or want to learn something new there are over 100 masterclasses to watch and a 24/7 community to chat with.


You Are In Great Company

Your business besties are waiting for you.
Every one of them is building a business, creating stories to share, fusing business with lifestyle (and all the beautiful ups and downs that come with that).


Founding Members - Special Offer

Annual subscription only $497 for a limited time

*Renews automatically every 12 months.
And the price remains the same every year for as long as you stay a member.

About Sigrun

The online mentor & entrepreneur from Iceland!

I’m an award winning business coach, bestselling author, international speaker and host of the Sigrun Show podcast. I’ve been called the leading business mentor for online entrepreneurs in Europe.

My mission is to accelerate gender equality through female entrepreneurship and help women start and scale their online businesses to 7 figures with my tough love and no-nonsense-approach to business and life.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, Time and numerous leading media publications in Europe and is the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® Hall of Fame which is the most prestigious entrepreneur network in the world. In 2021 I won 5 Stevie Awards; as the Hero of the year, Entrepreneur of the year, Solo entrepreneur of the year, Manager of the year, and Sales Achievement of the year.

I am married, have two stepsons, and split my time between Reykjavik, Iceland and Zurich, Switzerland.

Frequently Asked Questions

The founder's price is a yearly subscription of $497, which works out at approximately $41 a month. However it is paid yearly, not monthly. Prices in USD.
No, the regular subscription is $497 a year. Paid upfront.
I will lead a live masterclass that is streamed live into the Facebook Group. You will have access to my team of mentors and coaches in the private Facebook group.
You can stop at any time, however the subscription is for one year. If you let us know in writing to you will not be automatically renewed after 12 months has passed. There is no possibility for pausing your membership. If you cancel your membership you will have access to the library during the remainder of your membership, however you will be removed from the private Facebook group.
No, the SOMBA CLUB is not a course. The bonus library of masterclasses is for you to pick and choose at your leisure.
Allow 2-3 hours a month for the live calls – the rest is up to you. 
You can ask your questions about online business inside the Facebook group and any questions about payments or your membership can be directed to
We do not issue refunds.
SOMBA KICKSTART is a 10 week intensive coaching cohort with a specific outcome of testing and creating an online course.

SOMBA MOMENTUM is a 12 month coaching program designed to support online entrepreneurs in reaching 100k+ per year.

RED CIRCLE is a 12 month premium mastermind for entrepreneurs already making $250k+ and who are serious about building a 7 figure business.

SOMBA CLUB is a yearly subscription that gives you access to the energy of my community – plus live calls, a supportive community and a bonus library of masterclasses. There is no coaching in the club.
No, it is open to all people regardless of how they identify themselves. However we predominantly have 99% women, so anyone who joins must understand that.
No, please don’t tag me inside the group. Whilst I am in the group reading comments most days, we want to avoid any disappointment by not allowing tagging.
All you need to do is email within 30 days of the end of your yearly membership subscription renewal date. No worries, we’ll send you a reminder in time.
Two live calls a month and community. Plus access to a bonus library of 100+ masterclasses.
These are held every month via Zoom and Facebook Lives at different times. The program dates/times are posted 30 days in advance (minimum) inside the Events section of the Facebook group. Plus there is a SOMBA CLUB calendar that you can subscribe to, so that it appears on your electronic calendars. A replay is available of all calls immediately in the FB group.
The club suits any online entrepreneur who has a service-based business at any stage – from starters and novices to those growing and scaling their business.
Yes you can still join and have access to the masterclasses, however all live calls are streamed into the Facebook group. Many of our members join Facebook and only use the Groups function so they can be a part of the community in the CLUB.
We have found that one of the main reasons why people join membership programs and then soon leave is because of the number of courses and programs to be consumed. This is very overwhelming. I believe that a membership or subscription service should be a resource library – where content is designed to be dipped in and out of, as you need it. That way you can use it as a reference, and not feel you have to watch everything. But primarily, even over and above a masterclass library, I believe that a great membership, or club in our case, is a place for connection. A mingling space where you can get your questions answered, interact with other members and find supportive colleagues and friends. Building your own business isn't something that your friends and family know how to support you in. We get that. And so we know just how valuable it is to be in an environment of like- minded people. And that's how we differ from most membership programs out there.

★ Be inspired ★ Think Big ★ Take Action ★

And You'll Change Your Life

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