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Have EasyWebinar but are not sure how to set up and run a webinar? Then watch this training on EasyWebinar. Learn how to set up a webinar from A to Z. Learn how to create and upload graphics. Learn how to set up a YouTube live event. Learn how to integrate it with your mailing list provider. Learn how to connect it with a chat room provider. Learn how to invite a guest onto your webinar. Learn how to set up everything before you go live.

I shared that I have a 50-item check list for my webinars which includes the whole process from setting up the webinar, marketing it, running it and then the replay phase including updating my webinar membership site. I share this check list only with my 1-1 long-term clients but here below is a short version of my check list.

What is is important for you in this process is the setup and that check list includes only 10 items:

Decide on the topic and write copy
Create graphics for the webinar and upload to WordPress
Have the color codes for your brand ready
Set up a YouTube live event and get the links
Set up a chat on Chatwing and get the code
Create a Facebook conversion pixel and get the code
Get the code from Google Analytics
Set up the webinar inside EasyWebinar
Test the sign up and make any improvements needed
Have someone else proof read your copy!

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