Generate More Leads with LeadPages

Webinar Summary

In this webinar on Generate More Leads with LeadPages I covered following topics:

  • Why I use LeadPages and not WebinarJam for my signups
  • What kind of pages you can do with LeadPages
  • How you can adjust LeadPages to your brand colors
  • How you create a page that you can use again and again
  • How you can use LeadPages with WebinarJam in three different ways
  • How and why I use my own WordPress site to connect to LeadPages

How to use LeadPages with WebinarJam

In the webinar I shared three different ways how you can get the WebinarJam link to your subscribers.

  1. Easy: You can insert the WebinarJam signup link into an automatic email that LeadPages sends out. I showed in the webinar how you do this. The downside is that people then need to enter their name and email address again to get the actual webinar link. It is not so nice but it is definitely the easiest method.
  2. A little bit of code copy: You insert a special WebinarJam registration link into an automatic email from your mailing list provider and ask people to confirm their signup to the webinar. They click the link to confirm and go straight to WebinarJam's confirmation page. This is a fantastic way to do kind of a double opt-in and confirmation of the webinar signup in one go. Using this method you can also send a newsletter to your existing mailing list and offer people to join the webinar.Below is the link you need to put into your newsletter. This exact code is for Mailchimp - check if you need a different code for your mailing list provider as every provider might use a different short code for name and email address fields.


    You need to exchange YOURWEBINARID every time when you create a new webinar.
    You only need to find your YOURWEBINARMEMBERID once as it is always the same.

    By putting this link into your newsletter you bypass the signup page and people go straight to the WebinarJam's confirmation page.

  3. Advanced method: You can integrate the WebinarJam signup button into a LeadPages signup page. For this to work you need to download the LeadPages signup page after you have filled everything out to your computer and exchange the buttons, remove the LeadPages button and replace it with the WebinarJam button. And then you upload the LeadPages signup page through FTP and from there you can run the LeadPages signup page directly from your website like I showed in the webinar.

Want to try out LeadPages? I do have an affiliate link if you are interested.

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