Get Started with Webinars

Webinar Summary

In this webinar on Get Started with Webinars I covered following topics

  • How to sign up for WebinarJam
  • How to set up your first webinar step by step with WebinarJam
  • How to connect your Mailchimp (or any other mailing list provider) to your webinar signup
  • How to create a poll and offer in the live and replay session
  • How to create a replay and make your webinar private or public
  • How to publish your webinar and get the links for the webinar signup

How to connect WebinarJam and your YouTube business channel

If you are not using your private YouTube channel for webinars and want the webinar videos saved into your YouTube business channel then you need to create an email so WebinarJam can connect to that channel. You just go to Gmail and create an email to use for this purpose or if you have a spare email you can also use it for your business channel. Then follow these instructions:

  • First go to your Settings inside your YouTube Channel
  • Then find your Google+ Page notifications settings under Account Settings
  • And put the newly created email address under Third Party Tools

What if your subscribers don't confirm the double opt-in

You can always get all the email addresses directly from WebinarJam. You go to My Webinars and find the webinar you are looking for and to the right of the title of the webinar you click on the button Analytics.

Then you get a page with all the analytics from your webinar and the option to Download Full Registrants List. Download that file, open it and copy the relevant columns (name, email, opt-in location, opt-in time) and import them into Mailchimp. Then on your first email tell people that they are now on your list because the opted in through your webinar and give them an option to unsubscribe.

Ready to test WebinarJam?

In case you haven't signed up yet, I do have an affiliate link. No pressure 😉 You can test the webinar software for 30 days and get your money back if you don't like it. I did that already in February and then I signed up again because I didn't find anything better out there - and now I am a happy user 🙂

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