Getting Things Done with Asana

Webinar Summary

In this webinar I covered the following topics:

Asana is the Tesla of project management tools

  • Developed by ex-Googler and ex-Facebooker for small and big businesses
  • A total Get Things Done (GTD) solution
  • Mini CRM solution
  • Can use the Kanban method

Set up Asana with your Google Apps account

  • Then you get the name of your business without paying
  • It is free for up to 15 people
  • You only have to pay if you have more than 15 members or you want to have private projects within your team

How to enter new tasks into Asana

  • In the My Tasks mode
  • Inside a project
  • Send an email to
  • Connect with Evernote using Zapier

People get notified of assigned tasks and comments

  • Inside Asana
  • Through the Asana apps on the iPad and Iphone
  • Through email (which you can filter)

Using calendar as overview

  • You can connect Asana calendar to your Google calendar
  • See the whole team calendar inside Asana

New features coming soon

  • Chat function independent of projects - like a Facebook group
  • Dashboard to watch the progress of projects

How to save even more time

  • Use short cuts (highlighted at the bottom of Asana window)
  • Use templates for repeatable tasks

Please let me know if you start to use Asana based on this overview. I would love to hear from you 🙂


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