Make Your Webinar Successful

Webinar Summary

In this webinar I covered the following topics:


  • Picking a topic based on your webinar strategy
  • Writing a copy for your webinar marketing
  • Setting up all the tools for the webinars
  • Testing, testing, testing


  • Create a FB ad
  • Market your webinar on all channels, also your website
  • Repeat your marketing efforts over a course of 3 days
  • Testing, testing, testing

Live Phase

  • Prepare your room (and yourself!)
  • Prepare your computer
  • Log in early to test audio and video
  • Make sure to take time to answer questions

Replay Phase

  • Change your settings for replay signup
  • Download the video and save e.g. on Vimeo
  • Market your replay phase on all channels
  • Send out a summary email like this one

After Replay

  • Take down ad on your website and FB page
  • Make webinar video private on YouTube
  • Download attendee list from WebinarJam
  • Import new subscribers into your main list

On timing your live webinar I suggest the following structure:

  • 60min total time for the webinar
  • 5min for people to join the webinar while you introduce the webinar topic and chat with people
  • 5-10min introduction on who you are and what you do and why you are doing this webinar
  • 30-40min for your webinar topic where you teach or share something of value for your audience
  • 5-10min to introduce your offer and the same offer you will share in your follow-up email
  • 5min for any follow up questions assuming you have answered questions during the webinar as well

In my hands-on webinar mentoring I share my entire process with a 50 item check list where every item is described in detail exactly what you need to do in each step.

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