Record Your Screen & Edit Videos in Screenflow

Summary for You

During the webinar I highlighted the following topics:

  • What you need to think of when you record a video
  • How you can record a quick video on your Mac without Screenflow
  • How you use a shortcut to start recording and stop recording
  • How you can add images, other videos and music to your file
  • How you add text, arrows and other elements on top of your video
  • And finally how you export your video to YouTube or Vimeo

What I couldn't display in the webinar - because showing video with video is not possible - is the window that you get when you start to record for the first time and use File-New Recording.

Here you can choose to:

  • Record a video of yourself at the same time as you record a video of your screen
  • Record audio from different sources, make sure you pick the right one if you have an external microphone attached - here it is Yeti Blue (Amazon link) 
  • Record computer audio e.g. mouseclick

Below you see the settings I use, I only use audio when I record my screen because I find the other settings distracting when you are doing how-to-videos.

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