Create Beautiful Opt-Ins That Convert

Summary for You

During the webinar I highlighted the following topics:

  • Connecting Mailchimp with the MagicActionBox plugin
  • Create an opt-in and put it on different places on your website
  • Let the opt-ins stick out in color and preferably in your brand colors
  • Use the default opt-ins in MagicActionBox or create your own style and buttons
  • Create different types of opt-ins depending on where they are on your website
  • Use an image in an opt-in where you have the space and use catchy titles
  • Use a hidden field to know where your users sign up (see tracking opt-ins below)

Tracking Opt-Ins

This one is a little trickier than the other opt-ins I showed you and we didn't really have time to go step by step through this process, so I am going to repeat the process more clearly here with the code. If you liked the other opt-ins and don't see the need to track which signup is working for you, you can easily skip this piece 🙂 

  1. I go into Signup Forms and choose General Forms
  2. I create a hidden field called SIGNUP in the Mailchimp sign-up form
  3. This hidden field is a text box and I give it the title "Signup Location" but call the actual box SIGNUP
  4. I go back into Signup Forms and choose Embedded Forms
  5. I turn everything off except required fields and get a very stripped version of my signup. I grab the code that appears in the text box (copy it)
  6. In MagicActionBox's Opt-In Settings within WordPress I choose Other/Copy&Paste instead of Mailchimp
  7. I paste the code that I grabbed before
  8. I press "Process Code" to get the MagicActionBox friendly code
  9. I go inside the newly created code and just before <div class="mab-field"> I add the following code: <input id="SIGNUP" type="hidden" name="SIGNUP" value="PUTYOURTEXTHERE" />
  10. This line has to match the fields that you created in your signup, so the name of my hidden field is SIGNUP and the ID is also SIGNUP and then you change PUTYOURTEXTHERE to whatever you want. I use names like websitebelowpost, websiterightsidebar etc. It has to be one name and from the English alphabet.
  11. Now there is one more thing you need to to. You will get an extra field in your opt-in if you skip the following step.
  12. Instead of the code
    <div class="mab-field">
    <input type="text" name="YOURENCRYPTEDMAILCHIMPCODE" />
  13. You need to hide the above field by changing it to
    <!-- real people should not fill this in and expect good things - do not remove this or risk form bot signups-->
    <div><input type="text" name="YOURENCRYPTEDMAILCHIMPCODE" value=""></div>
  14. Now your new opt-in is ready and you can do whatever changes to style or buttons you want 🙂

Want to get MagicActionBox Pro or Ultimate?

During the webinar I told you that I like MagicActionBox so much that - when preparing for this webinar - I decided to become an affiliate. For a long time I resisted doing any kind of affiliate marketing as I see so many people doing it wrong. But at the same time I highly recommend many tools that I really love and enjoy using in my business and if these tools have affiliate programs, why not join them but always be upfront and honest to your audience when you are affiliated. So this was my disclaimer!

I told you in the webinar that you can do a lot with the free version and I still believe that for many the free version will be more than enough, especially in the beginning.

But if you want the following features:

  • Default action box on all posts and pages
  • Different action boxes depending on category
  • Use short codes
  • Create and upload own buttons
  • Create sales or share boxes
  • And there will be some upcoming features e.g. signup through Facebook

Then MagicActionBox Pro is right for you - and here is my affiliate link.

If you want to have even more power:

  • Use MagicActionBox for popup
  • Use MagicActionBox for client sites

Then you are a candidate for MagicActionPro Ultimate - and that is a different affiliate link.

Please join the free Facebook group Passion for Action to discuss this webinar or other webinars. If this video or the membership site is not working correctly please contact support and explain the issue you are having.

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