Mailchimp Made Easy

Here is a quick summary for you

We covered how to create a new mailing list or replicate (copy) an old one, how you can change the default signup page with an image and different colours and how you find the code to put on your website.

We also covered how to create a new newsletter (campaign) from scratch or replicate (copy) an old one, how you can decide which list or which segment (group) from your list gets the newsletter and when, now or schedule for later.

We went over how to create a new auto responders or replicate (copy) another one and that they are very similar to newsletters except that you have to decide what triggers the send out of an auto responder. 

I explained how I set up different lists for every opt-in and then after the opt-in has expired export the list and import into my main list by tagging the subscribers. And later on I can also merge lists in a similar way.

I also explained how you can easily group your subscribers in Mailchimp just by using check boxes or text fields. You can use this method to know where people signed up on your page e.g. if you have three different sign-up areas on your website, all to the same list. You can also use this method to tag subscribers with every opt-in they sign up for so that you know who might be interested in your offerings.

I showed you also briefly how I use Magic Action Box to put a pretty opt-in on my WordPress page. The time was too brief to go deep into MAB but I will cover it in more detail later, in a separate webinar.

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