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READY FOR 2017? Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet! 

Join me for a 3 hrs interactive online workshop with worksheets where you create vision, strategy & plan for 2017.

After the workshop you have created your vision, your strategy, your priorities and the exact steps you are going to take to achieve that vision, and also how you are going to measure your success.

Join hundreds of entrepreneurs who've taken part in this workshop and planned their best year yet!

Here's what they've said...

An excellent investment. It's very well-thought out and structured. Jammed packed with information. It will undoubtedly highlight areas that you haven't thought of. Sigrun's hands on advice and feedback throughout is worth gold so it's well worth actively participating!

Sigrun, this is freaking unexpected gold! Thank you!

I have to say Sigrun that this is the best $47 I've ever spent!

I have loved every minute of this workshop. So worthwhile. Thank you Sigrun!

Thank you very much. It was so valuable and you have a great talent for making things clear.

The workshop was wonderful, so were the materials you sent before it began. Thank you!

It was so much fun and so valuable! Thanks again.

Thanks so much Sigrun, it was super practical and invaluable info.

Great workshop! I am getting really excited for the new year!

Thank you soooooooo much. This has been really helpful!

THANK YOU Sigrun! This was soooo valuable.


I expected to get a strategy to plan out my year and I DID get that, but also:
- I reconnected with my big vision that I refused to follow for that whole year before.
- I was able to word it all out. Not so good at that when it comes to my own business
- I got tips on how to hold myself accountable
- I was able to see which parts of my life need more attention
- I got ideas on new products to release
- I got direct feedback on a few things from Sigrun on the live session (seriously, DO attend live!).


Sigrun workshop is practical and fun! If you are someone who has struggled putting together your vision and the way to fulfil it in a structured way, throughout strategical steps and actions, and even more, if you have no idea how to translate that to your finances and budget to plan your business in a calendar year, Sigrun shows you what to do it, step by step. One step at a time.


I recommend it because it is a good way to do your planning there and then and also helps your mind to focus. And Sigrun always helps you spot on.

Jorunn Krokeide

Two thumbs up! This workshop is really valuable.


If you want to go from a "vague idea" of what you are going to do on 2016 and know exactly how in a clear focused quantifiable strategy to succeed this is the way.  This is not only tips to goal set but a method to guarantee you are on track 365 days of 2016, and if you are not hitting your numbers/goals you will be able to spot exactly what you need to get there.  Also helped me to see what has been working and what has not and do more of what is working which I did not see before. and how to be accountable.

Dania Illescas

A great way to get your priorities straight, to think with the end in mind, to get inspired from within to add value for you clients and make the best out of your business, and life, in s structured and effective way.


Do it! Incredible value. Sigrun is simply exceptional at going above and beyond your expectations of what insights and gems of knowledge you will gain from her workshops!


If you've been planning and building your business for a little while already and are ready to dive into creating a solid vision for where your company can go in the next 1-5 years, Sigrun's planning workshops are exactly what you need!  The financial planning spreadsheet alone was worth the price of entry, I have a lot more clarity about my business expenses and projected income than I have ever had!


Here's what you get when you sign up:

  • Easy preparation assignments to put you into the right frame of mind.
  • A 40 page worksheet and a budgeting file to work on during the workshop.
  • During the workshop you work on your vision, your strategy to achieve that vision, what are your focus areas for next year (max three!) and how you measure success in these areas.
  • You'll work on your product mix and pricing, access levels to you and your services and how different levels of pricing can be good for your business.
  • You work on planning your year ahead by deciding on the focus for each month.
  • Finally, we'll work on your budgeting.
  • Overall Goal

    You have a one page plan, you have a plan for the year and you have started with your budgeting.

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