AUGUST 20-25 2017
AUGUST 20-25 2017
Business Breakthroughs & Breathtaking Landscapes
Imagine being surrounded by icebergs with like-minded entrepreneurs and coming up with the best ideas for your business.

Imagine walking on a black sand beach with the waves rolling in with the inspiration for your next big thing.

Imagine watching a geyser shoot up high into the air inspiring you to creatively plan your next successful launch.
My best ideas show up when I’m "not working".
It is one of the reasons I love travelling.

By stepping out of my daily routine I’m able to a get a fresh perspective and a greater clarity on what the next steps should be in my business. There is a light bulb moment, something that has been bubbling beneath the surface that finally comes out as a formed business idea.

Two years ago while I was travelling in Iceland, one of those light bulb moments resulted in $33K revenue in just 9 days. That was a powerful lesson that experiencing nature while thinking about business is real work, and something you need, to grow your business.

By participating in and leading masterminds, I’ve learned how valuable it is to talk about your business challenges with like-minded business owners.

Whether they are in your industry or not, whether they are just starting out or very experienced, the key is to be around other entrepreneurs who can put themselves in your shoes and/or imagine themselves as your clients. True business breakthroughs happen when you mastermind with other business owners.

This is why I created Mastermind Retreat Iceland.
A New Level Of Masterminding
This retreat includes formal and informal masterminding sessions to inspire you, support you and help you walk away with the clarity and accountability you crave in your business.

The formal mastermind sessions allow you to work on concrete projects and map out detailed plans.

The informal mastermind sessions allow you to reflect on your projects and plans and find that light bulb moment.

This Mastermind Retreat in Iceland is a business retreat where you’ll mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

You’ll work on your current business challenges while also building on the big picture for your business.

You’ll walk away with clarity on your vision, strategy and an execution plan.

Your business will never be the same again.
Why Attend Mastermind Retreat Iceland?
The retreat is planned to make the most of the combination of formal and information mastermind sessions. There are more formal mastermind days and then there are days where there is more informal masterminding.

You’ll be staying in the eco village, Solheimar, one hour away from the capital Reykjavik. The village offers accommodation in several houses and we have a whole house just for us. It has a large common area where most of our formal mastermind sessions take place.

Every day we will go out and explore Icelandic nature with our private mountain car. Our tours will show you the highlights of South Iceland and allow you to recharge and reflect. It is during these trips that we’ll have our informal mastermind sessions.

Each day starts with optional yoga and meditation sessions. Breakfast is self-service and lunch will be at the restaurant in Solheimar or on the road. Dinner is either back at our house prepared by our private chef or at a local restaurant.

During the retreat you'll be working on your business, overcoming your business challenges and having business breakthroughs. You'll walk away with a clear business strategy, mapped out sales funnels and your next launch plan.
Here's what retreaters have to say about Mastermind Retreat Iceland.

It was the perfect mix of having a holiday and working on my business.

Being in nature, traveling around, being in the company of interesting people is something I love doing and I knew that the retreat was going to help me and my business. It was that perfect mix of having a holiday and working on my business at the same time. I admit it was intense. The days were long. It was a lot fun and I felt I could really take a step out of my everyday life. I felt like in a different world and that was fantastic. A really good combination of seeing a new country and creating a real bond between the participants. We all felt like we knew each other for a long time.

What I valued also a lot is how you engaged with us. Everybody got one-on-one time. That is not typical for a retreat but you really made sure that you looked over everybody’s plan, we could always ask our questions. I really valued that.
~ Silke Zanker

It is really unique to meet female entrepreneurs from all over the world in one place.

I think you are an amazing coach, I love the way you coach. So it’s because of you that I joined your Mastermind Retreat Iceland.

On top of that I’m really a big fan of Iceland. It is really unique to meet female entrepreneurs from all over the world in one place. … I walked away with the knowledge that a lot of of female entrepreneurs out there want to go to the next level and they really need each other to achieve their goals. I walked away with my new strategy and a plan what to do next.
~ Jeanet Bathoorn

The thing that impressed me the most was the quality of the participants.

The retreat was like being in a completely different reality. It was an amazing experience. There was something so unreal about it. … Day to day life takes a lot of your energy and sometimes you just need more space and time to focus on the ideas you have and you want to develop. And the retreat did exactly that. I have to admit that I had some doubts when I signed up and then after coming back I told my husband... “thank you for convincing me”, I’m so grateful I joined. I think many people are be intrigued and interested but hesitant. But I say, just go for it, because there’s nothing to lose. It’s an investment but it will pay off. I think it’s worth it. If you hesitate, just go for it. 

The thing that impressed me the most was the quality of participants. I think it’s thanks to you Sigrun and your talents to attract these exceptional women and that’s what really added value to that whole experience. The team of participants was an amazing asset.
~ Joanna Baird

The retreat was like being in a completely different reality.

The retreat was like being in a completely different reality. Mastermind Retreat Iceland was phenomenal. You totally provided everything that we needed and just made it an amazing experience. I walked away with some new friends too. If you are thinking of signing up for Sigrun’s mastermind retreat don’t think about it, just sign up like I did. If you’re heart is saying “do this” I say jump on it.

Sigrun is obviously an amazing coach and an amazing host … and she puts together an amazing team to facilitate the retreat so you will not be let down in the amount of time you have to mastermind.I would go back in a heartbeat. It was so amazing.
~ Julia Slike
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A new level of masterminding.
August 20-25, 2017
  • 6 Day all-inclusive business mastermind retreat
  • Register before 11:59 pm PST on March 23rd 2017 to save $1000
$5,000 Upfront
OR $1,200/mth for 5 months
Sólheimar is a world renowned sustainable community known for its artistic and ecological atmosphere where about 100 people live and work together. It was founded in 1930 by a woman called Sesselja Hreindís Sigmundsdóttir (1902-1974). It's a small village set out in the countryside, characterized by vegetation, open common spaces and buildings that nicely co-exist with the landscape. The Sólheimar community focuses on the growth and development of man and nature. The overarching social goal is to provide disabled individuals of various backgrounds the opportunity to work, live, and socialize.

The activities in Sólheimar are diverse. In the village, there are organic greenhouses, both for vegetable cultivation and nonfood plants, as well as a forestry, in fact the only organic forestry in Iceland. There is also a shop/gallery in Sólheimar, a café, a bakery, guesthouses and many art venues throughout the year. There are six workshops in the village including a candle workshop, ceramics, weaving, carpentry, fine art atelier, paper-making workshop and an herbal workshop that makes soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc.

In Sólheimar, you will find a church, a sculpture garden, an arboretum, sports hall, gym and swimming pool, a music garden, an art gallery and, during the summer and for Advent, a cultural festival with different venues for music, fine art, theater, etc. The sustainability center, Sesseljuhus, is where most conferences, meetings and other gatherings are held both for the village and visitors.
Retreat Origins and Evolution
I was born in Iceland but I’ve lived half of my life abroad; in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. By living abroad I started to appreciate my home country more and since 2009 I’ve done annual road trips with my family to explore every corner of Iceland. I became so passionate about Iceland that my original business idea was to write travel books on family road trips in Iceland. I even have a draft for my first book!

I’m going to be your tour guide in Iceland and I’m going to show you my favourites spots. I know you are going to fall in love with Iceland too.
I was 10 years old when my parents bought a dry cleaning shop. From the age of 10 to 23 I worked there in all my school holidays and learned everything about running a family business. 

Little did I know how helpful this background was when I, at the age of 33, took over a loss-making business without any business education. Within a year I had turned the company around and took over a second loss-making company. After having studied architecture, information architecture and software development I decided to do my fourth Master’s degree with an MBA at London Business School.

For 10 years I was a CEO of numerous businesses working on startups, fast growth, turnarounds and mergers. As a business consultant I helped startups with their business plans and development. 

Chronic illness and the loss of my job gave me the needed push to finally realise my dream of a lifestyle business. I can now live in two countries and work with people all over the world, just like I envisioned before I started my business. Three years after starting my own business I’ll be making $1M this year.

I’m looking forward to use my zone of genius to work with you on your vision, your strategy but also the execution and all the details of your plan so that you can achieve your dreams.
As a teenager I became interested in photography. I borrowed a camera from my dad and I started to develop films in the bathtub at home. I became the one who always had a camera with me and took pictures of everybody and everything. 

In 2010 I had been living in Switzerland for over a year and I felt something was missing in my life. I decided I needed to revive my passion with a course in photography. Since then photography has been a big part of my life and I have developed my skills to the point that I could be a professional photographer.

I’m looking forward to helping you with your photography in Iceland. Bring your camera along and I'll show you the best photography spots.
I was 32 years old when I went through a devastating breakup and for the first time in my life felt the need for self-help books and personal development seminars. 

I took a Dale Carnegie course and then there was no turning back, I even became a certified trainer. In 2008 I went to UPW in London with Tony Robbins and that seminar literally changed my life. 

What followed were series of seminars with Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and others plus dozens of books on the topic of mindset and success. And I saw a huge shift in my personal and business life by applying the strategies I learnt plus developing my own.

I’m looking forward to use my skills and experience to help you with your mindset so that you can become the best version of yourself and achieve your dreams in life and business.
My first business idea was to write travel books about Iceland so I could spend more time there. My second business idea was to be a photographer so I could spend all my time taking and processing pictures. My third idea was to marry my zone of genius in business with my mindset experience to help entrepreneurs find their passion and turn it into a profitable business.

With the Mastermind Retreat Iceland I am bringing all my expertise together. It's what my clients asked me for and I created the Mastermind Retreat Iceland for you.
Mastermind Retreat Plan
Day by Day
Our driver and I will pick you up in downtown Reykjavik and together we will take the Golden Circle route - the must-see tourist attraction in Iceland. We’ll stop at Thingvellir to visit the site of the oldest parliament in Europe which is right between the tectonic plates of Europe and America. 

From there, we will head to Gullfoss (the golden waterfall) and have lunch. Our next stop will be Strokkur (the brother of the original Geysir) where we will watch the geyser shoot up into the air. We’ll arrive at Solheimar around 3pm to settle into our house. There we will then have our first formal mastermind session followed by dinner.

8am: Pickup at Hotel Marina in Reykjavik
8am - 12pm: Informal mastermind
12pm-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30 - 3pm: Informal mastermind
3pm - 4pm: Arrival in Solheimar
4pm - 8pm: Formal mastermind
8pm: Dinner
We’ll start our day with yoga followed by breakfast. Then we’ll have a formal mastermind session at our house before having lunch at the restaurant in Solheimar. After lunch we'll continue our formal mastermind session. 

In the early afternoon we drive to Selfoss and from there to a horse farm. In Núpsstaðir we will go horseback riding for two hours on small and friendly Icelandic horses (those who don’t want to ride can go for a walk or chill-out). After our ride we’ll drive back through Selfoss on our way to Stokkseyri where we’ll go to a hot pool before having dinner at a local restaurant.

7am: Yoga
8am: Breakfast
9am - 12pm: Formal mastermind
12pm: Lunch
1pm - 3 pm: Formal mastermind
3pm: Leave the house
3pm - 8 pm: Informal mastermind
8pm: Dinner
After early yoga and breakfast we’ll leave for our longest day on the road. Our first stop is Skogafoss, the world famous waterfall that Apple uses in its advertising. We’ll make numerous stops along the way to show you the best of South of Iceland. 

We’ll then drive to a restaurant where we’ll stop to have lunch and a mastermind session. We’ll then continue further east towards Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Europe. We will stop a number of times around the glacier and the glacier lagoon, Jökulsarlon - my favourite spot in Iceland. On the way back we’ll visit Reynisfjara, the black sand beach and Seljalandsfoss, where you can walk behind the waterfall. Then we’ll have dinner on the road and be back in Solheimar late in the evening.

6am: Yoga
7am: Breakfast
8am: Leave the house
8am - 12pm: Informal mastermind
12 - 2pm: Lunch
2pm-10pm: Informal mastermind
10pm: Arrival at house

We’ll start our day with yoga followed by breakfast. Then we’ll have a formal mastermind session at our house before having lunch at the restaurant in Solheimar. After lunch we'll continue our formal mastermind sessions with focus on creating epic sales funnels and 5-6-figure launch plans. 

In the afternoon we go on an adventure trip before we go to a local restaurant.

7am: Yoga
8am: Breakfast
9am - 12pm: Formal mastermind
12pm: Lunch
1pm - 4pm: Formal mastermind 
4pm - 8pm: Adventure trip
8pm: Dinner
We’ll start our day with yoga followed by breakfast. We drive east to Landmannalaugar which is an other-worldly-area of yellow, orange and red mountains. Upon arrival in Landmannalaugar we go for a short hike to see the beautiful scenery from above. 

After our exercises we dip into the natural hot spring pool or explore the area further. We have lunch on location before we continue our tour. We drive over at least one unbridged river with our mountain car and you’ll get a good feeling for the Icelandic highlands. We are back at our house in the late afternoon and will then have a formal mastermind session before dinner.

7am: Yoga
8am: Breakfast
9am: Leave the house
9am - 12pm: Informal mastermind
12pm: Lunch
1pm - 4pm: Informal mastermind
4pm - 8pm: Formal mastermind
8pm: Dinner
We’ll start our day with yoga followed by breakfast. Then we’ll have a formal mastermind session before having lunch at the restaurant in Solheimar. After lunch we’ll drive west to Reykjanesskagi, a highly active geothermal area and the home of the world famous Blue Lagoon. We will take time to enjoy the scenery and relax in the lagoon. 

After our geothermal spa trip we’ll head to Reykjavik where our driver will drop you off in downtown Reykjavik. That evening we’ll meet again for our farewell dinner at a local restaurant.

7am: Yoga
8am: Breakfast
9am - 12 pm: Formal mastermind
12pm: Lunch
1pm: Leave for Blue Lagoon
1pm - 8pm: Informal mastermind
8pm: Dinner
11pm: Drop off in Keflavik and Reykjavik
More praise for Mastermind Retreat Iceland

It was soul food on so many levels.

It was soul food on so many levels. Not just for my business but for me personally. To have all these incredible business women in the flesh living in the same house for a week, only great things could come out of that. It was incredible. I walked away with clarity specifically around my business model. It’s something that I couldn’t name before I went to Iceland. I knew there was a gap as to why I was so frustrated … I knew there was a missing link.

To be with women who are all very exceptional in their areas of their business life but are also struggling in areas of their business life. There was something very therapeutic about that.
~ Courtney Townley

It was just amazing how all masterminders clicked on the first day.

Mastermind Retreat Iceland was so much more than I expected. It was a spectacular trip, the scenery, the was just amazing how all the masterminders clicked on the first day. We had a similar mindset and shared ideas - you could learn something from every single person. Few weeks after the retreat we are still messaging each other. We’re each others’ cheerleaders now.

Business-wise I came away with a clear plan of action. I was feeling overwhelmed trying to do too many things and I got a clear plan of what to offer and how to serve my customers. I walked away with a manageable plan that I know I can do.
~ Helen Maffini
When should I book my arriving flight?
Arrive in time for a 8am pickup in Reykjavik city center. This means that if you are flying in from Europe you need to arrive the day before and if you are arriving from the USA or Canada you can arrive early in the morning of the same day as the flights land around 6am.
When should I book my departing flight?
My general advice is to book your departing flight the day after our last day. On our last day, day 6, we'll be in the Keflavik area so if you are flying out on August 26th it is wise to book your last night in Keflavik.
What should I pack for the retreat?
- Business equipment like your laptop and smartphone, and of course your camera
- Warm clothes; jacket, hat, gloves as the weather is unpredictable and we’ll be outdoors a lot
- Swimwear as we will have daily opportunities to go to an outdoor swimming pool
- Comfortable clothes for our yoga and meditation sessions
- Regular clothes for our formal (indoor) mastermind sessions
- Outdoor clothes for our informal (outdoor) mastermind sessions
- Good walking shoes, waterproof
Where should I stay in Reykjavik?
Ideally you’ll stay somewhere downtown. You can find accommodations through websites like and I can recommend Hotel Marina as this is where our bus will pick you up at the start of our trip.
What is breakfast like?
Breakfast is self-service. Catering at Solheimar will deliver fresh breakfast to our kitchen on every day and everybody can have breakfast when and how they want. There will be bread, cheese, ham, vegetables, fruit, yoghurt etc. If you have any special dietary requests then please email [email protected] after you sign up so we can accommodate your needs.
When and where is lunch?
Lunch is either at the Solheimar Restaurant or on the road. When we eat at a restaurant on the road we are limited to the options offered there but there will always be a vegan option. For special dietary needs we’ll get a lunch package from Solheimar.
When and where is dinner?
Dinner is either at our house, cooked by our private chef/driver, or in a restaurant. Icelandic food includes fish and meat but there will always be a vegan option. For special dietary needs we’ll inform our chef and the restaurants we go to.
Can I have a single room?
The retreat is generally double occupancy but if you prefer a single room you can book one for the price of $10'000. Please email [email protected] to book a single room.
What's included?
All of the following are included in the retreat:

6 days of business masterminding, formal and informal sessions
6 day trips in a private mountain car
6 daily activities including entrance fees
6 lunches and dinners and non-alcoholic beverages
5 nights in our private house (double occupancy)
5 yoga & meditation sessions followed by breakfast
Private Facebook group leading up to the retreat
Is there WiFi?
There is free WiFi in the eco village where we will be staying and also on the FlyBus to and from Keflavik International Airport.
What are the accommodations like?
We are staying in a private house in the eco village Solheimar. The house has 6 available bedrooms and can house up to 12 participants, single rooms are also an option. Each room has two beds and a private bathroom with shower. Everything is in eco style, clean and friendly.
Can I request to stay in a room with a friend?
Of course, once you have signed up, you and your friend can email [email protected] with your request so we can match you together.
Will I have time on my own?
The retreat's agenda is full with informal and formal mastermind sessions. Don't expect to have any time on your own as you will want to use all the time with the other Masterminders.
Is transportation included?
Transportation is included from day 1 to day 6.
Where is the nearest airport?
The nearest international airport is Keflavik International Airport (also called Reykjavik on some booking sites).
How do I get from the airport to Reykjavik?
There are affordable buses from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik and if you are staying at a bigger hotel, they even take you all the way to your hotel.
How much cash do I need?
None. Iceland is an (almost) cash free economy and every restaurant and shop accepts international credit cards.
When does registration closed?
Sign up closes when the last spot is gone. I expect the retreat to sell out fast.
What are the dates?
The retreat is happening August 20-25, 2017.
What's included in Mastermind Retreat Iceland
All inclusive 6 day business mastermind retreat
6 days of business masterminding
6 day trips with a driver in a mountain car
6 daily activities including entrance fees
6 lunches and dinners
5 nights in our private house
5 yoga sessions followed by breakfast
Private Facebook Group leading up to the retreat
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Your business will never be the same again.
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August 20-25, 2017
  • 6 Day all-inclusive business mastermind retreat
  • Register before 11:59 pm PST on March 23rd 2017 to save $1000
$5,000 Upfront
OR $1,200/mth for 5 months

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