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6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Ingrid Dach

Ingrid Dach used to trade time for money as a freelancer, making barely $2K a month while spending very little time with her family. She signed up for SOMBA Kickstart in January 2020, created her first online course, and within 18 months, completely changed her life and business.  In this special episode of the 6-Figure... [Read More...]

My Origin Story: The Path to 8 Figures

This is a very special episode of The Sigrun Show. For the first time ever, I switched seats and instead of being the interviewer, I’m the one being interviewed.  My dear friend Selena Soo agreed to help me tell my story from a different angle: By asking me questions you always wanted to know the... [Read More...]

6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Hildur Jónsdóttir

When Hildur Jónsdóttir participated in SOMBA Kickstart in 2018, she had no online experience and didn’t feel she was equipped for the online world at all. But she took a leap and created her first ever online course. Today she doesn’t only have one, but two multiple six-figure online businesses.  In this special episode of... [Read More...]

6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Jane von Klee

In today’s special episode of the 6-Figure Breakthrough series, Jane von Klee shares how her business took a shift when she decided to change her course topic.  Jane signed up for SOMBA Kickstart two years ago, thinking she wanted to offer a copy writing course. But after surveying her clients, she found out that they... [Read More...]

6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Nicole Wehn

In this special episode of the 6-Figure Breakthrough series, I’m talking to Nicole Wehn, who is in my Momentum program and has participated in SOMBA Kickstart in January 2020.  Nicole was successful as an online marketing strategist, but she wanted to stop trading time for money and find new clients. She decided to get serious... [Read More...]

6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Claudia Nichterl

Have you ever heard a story and been inspired by it so much, it made you stop procrastinating and take action?  Stories are a powerful way to generate inspiration. That’s why I decided to start a special series called 6-Figure Breakthrough Series, where my clients share how they reached 6 figures in their online business,... [Read More...]


Podcast Reviews


Sigrun provides some incredibly actionable and compelling content. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindset to get ahead of the curve.

Awesome show, highly recommend!

J. Barshop


Great podcast, fantastic content. Really enjoyed being part of the magic.

Fantastic show 

Dr. Angela Lauria 


I love the actionable steps and inspiring interviews Sigrun shares. Apart from being so valuable, Sigrun’s podcast is a real pleasure to listen to.

Inspiring and actionable

Maria Bonilha


Sigrun has this direct, curious and dynamic way to get everything out of her interviewees. If you want to have a good time WHILE learning from experts, this is the right place.

Helpful, competent, entertaining and feminist

Carmen Cordiviola


Sigrun is a no-nonsense go-getter – a female viking with a to-die-for accent. I love her empowering, clear-cut way of speaking and cutting through the BS!

The real deal

Katinka Karacho


The Sigrun Show offers the perfect mix of inspiring interviews, deep talk and helpful insights into successful online businesses. A great inspiration with immediate takeaways.

Great interviews, great insights, great advice

Julia Mack