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Pinterest is the Search Engine you are Overlooking with Jennifer Priest

Is Pinterest the search engine you are overlooking? Are you missing out on clients by not implementing a Pinterest strategy? Yes, you probably are. Having a successful Pinterest strategy can work wonders for any business. Even those that aren’t selling something visual. Whether your product is an online course or a physical product, Pinterest can... [Read More...]

How to Ask Better Questions to Improve Your Life and Business

We all have one question that we ask ourselves all the time. This one question has a huge influence on our lives and businesses. If you ask yourself a good question it will improve your life and business. If you ask yourself a bad question it will deteriorate your life and business. In this episode... [Read More...]

Use Neuroscience to Reprogram Your Brain and Break Through Your Blocks with Jill McAbe

Jill McAbe is a bestselling author, teacher and coach in the fields of business success, finding one’s purpose, and the science of high performance and change. In this episode, Jill shares how she became interested in goals and what we need to do to reach them. She explains what hot goals are and how neuroscience... [Read More...]

How to Develop and Sell VIP Days with Nikki Rausch

When I was first starting out, the thought of selling VIP days was very scary to me. Now I laugh about it because it’s not that hard. But it’s not something that comes easy to people. Nikki Rausch is the CEO of Sales Maven, an organization dedicated to authentic selling. She joins me to talk... [Read More...]

Finding the Courage to Speak Your Truth with Dr. Laura Penn

  You’re an expert in your field. You know your stuff. But when it comes to speaking up, you suddenly doubt yourself. You constantly wonder: Am I good enough?  According to Dr. Laura Penn, the founder of The Leadership Speaking School, a lot of women struggle with this when they’re about to do something bold... [Read More...]

How Women Network Differently with Anke Beeren

If you’re at a certain point in your online business, networking and being in the room with like-minded people becomes one of the most important things to grow.  I’m fascinated by masterminds, but my dear friend Anke Beeren went a step further. She founded Joint Forces, a club with a totally new concept to give... [Read More...]


Podcast Reviews


Sigrun provides some incredibly actionable and compelling content. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindset to get ahead of the curve.

Awesome show, highly recommend!

J. Barshop


Great podcast, fantastic content. Really enjoyed being part of the magic.

Fantastic show 

Dr. Angela Lauria 


I love the actionable steps and inspiring interviews Sigrun shares. Apart from being so valuable, Sigrun’s podcast is a real pleasure to listen to.

Inspiring and actionable

Maria Bonilha


Sigrun has this direct, curious and dynamic way to get everything out of her interviewees. If you want to have a good time WHILE learning from experts, this is the right place.

Helpful, competent, entertaining and feminist

Carmen Cordiviola


Sigrun is a no-nonsense go-getter – a female viking with a to-die-for accent. I love her empowering, clear-cut way of speaking and cutting through the BS!

The real deal

Katinka Karacho


The Sigrun Show offers the perfect mix of inspiring interviews, deep talk and helpful insights into successful online businesses. A great inspiration with immediate takeaways.

Great interviews, great insights, great advice

Julia Mack

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